Bostwick Council sets tax rate, to raise $151 more in taxes

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The City of Bostwick Mayor and City Council is proposing a millage rate of 1.401 for 2014, which is the rollback millage rate from the rate of 1.470 for 2013. The council will hold a meeting to set the 2014 millage rate for the city on Thursday, July 24, at 6 p.m. at the Bostwick City Hall, 5941 Bostwick Highway. From 2013 to 2014 the gross tax digest for the city of Bostwick increased from approximately $8,670,000 to more than $9,090,000, reflecting an increase of more than $450,000 in real and personal property tax values. The total taxes levied for 2014 will amount to $10,210, an increase of $151 or 1.5 percent of the net taxes.

Bostwick Mayor John Bostwick briefly discussed the city’s Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant project, the paving of Fambrough Lane, at the regular meeting for the city of Bostwick on Monday, July 7. Bostwick said that the city is still in the process of receiving bids and that he would have more information during the next meeting. The council also discussed the possibility of extending the existing water line that runs down Ruark Lane to meet with Price Mill Road in order to loop the line in. Bostwick estimated that the line would only have to be extended 1,500 feet at the most and that creating a loop “would really help the situation” for water customers that live on Ruark Lane. He said that the project might be worthwhile if the costs could be kept under $20,000 and stated that he would look into the specifics of what the project could entail, including possible engineering issues, before the next council meeting.

Council members briefly discussed the city’s seat on the Morgan County Planning Commission. Bostwick said that Faye Craft, long-standing member of the Planning Commission, has indicated that she will not ask to be restated to the commission when her term expires in December. Bostwick asked the council members to begin considering candidates for the commission to fill Craft’s seat when it becomes vacant.

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