Seems even small crowds make up a great service

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So many of our congregation members are on vacation, or sick and our attendance was light on Sunday, but we did have many visitors including some from Canada. Seems even small crowds make up a great service. Thanks to all the visitors that came on Sunday. It was so good to see Mr. George. I haven’t seen him in years. Butch took his sermon from Genesis 5:18 and Jude 1:14-15 with reference to Hebrews. A Walk Pleasing to God. What does it look like to walk with God, to be in close fellowship with God.

This means we have a full relationship with God. Three agreements in walking with God: 1. Forgiveness of sin. 2. A life that has faith in the Lord. 3. Fruits to be produced by this agreement. How is your daily walk with God? So many of our folks celebrated the July 4th holiday in different ways. I know that Eleanor had two churns of home made ice cream and plenty of food. Some of you spent the day on the lake, sunning and fishing. Butch and his family enjoyed visiting the Atlanta Aquarium and the House of Coke. Us???

We had a nice quiet day just enjoying the day.   Last week Jordan and Maddison Busbee, Tara Elliott and a couple more had a great time in Panama City. They even went over to Destin one day. Ramsey Simmons along with Hiliary and Andy went to the beach in North Carolina where they enjoyed  Ramsey getting together with his brothers.  They had a great time then wound up the vacation week with his parents.  Good news. Chuck’s Poppa is home from the hospital and doing better. He’s had a rough time.

Jack and Alice Waddell took a trip to Cherokee, North Carolina, a well deserved rest and enjoyment. Michael O’Neil from the Sugar Creek community was married this weekend. His family from Canada came down for the celebration. His grandfather will be 96 years young in December. Congratulations to you Michael and your bride. I always look forward to our homecoming and revival week .I loved this time of the year even as a little girl and that time is quickly approaching. July 27th is the day. Getting started at 11:00, a dinner with barbeque, stew and all the fixings our ladies prepare, then after lunch, back into church to enjoy the afternoon singing with the Spencer family from Aragon, Georgia.

Then Beginning on Monday night though Wednesday night revival with special speakers each night. Oh, and special singers every night. Wednesday nights we are having supper at 6 p.m. for a small donation, then at 7 p.m.  we are studying about different cults, so interesting. I lost one of my first cousins on July 4th.   All of us around the same age grew up together and have always been so close.  Gene Malone had been sick  and was in a nursing home. Sympathy is sent to Ricky, Randy and Rory Malone in the passing of their father.

His service will be on Saturday. I will be singing at Beacon Heights Baptist in Madison this coming Sunday for both services. I always enjoy being with them. A special birthday wish for Amy Reece Adams and Allison Reece Miller who are twins and will celebrate on the 10th. They were born just a few days before Susanne and grew up together. I love you girls.

And for one of my favorite friends,  Lucille Ward way up in Needham, Massachusetts, will celebrate on the 14th.  Special love and blessings for you. And I am celebrating all month too. These days only come around once a year so why not take full advantage of it. Not much going on around here. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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