Volleyball begins preparing for the upcoming season

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

The Spike Dogs are back together again preparing for their fast approaching season through scrimmages and summer workouts. On Monday July 7 nine volleyball players traveled to Athens Academy to take on two teams in summer scrimmages. On Tuesday July 8 the girls took part in their first summer practice at Morgan County High School. On Wednesday July 9 the girls travel to Prince Avenue to take part in one last summer scrimmage. This week’s two scrimmages are times where being a part of junior varsity or varsity does not matter. All the girls play together. On Monday night the Spike Dogs took on Athens Academy and George Walton.

The Bulldogs split two sets with both teams. “You’re out there having fun, you’re competing but no one is going to be in particularly good form,” said volleyball Coach Pete Busenitz. The games against Athens Academy and George Walton showed the coaches that the team still has a lot to work on. Mainly the coaches noticed that defense and serve receiving needs work. However, it was their first time out since last season so there is still time to improve.

During Tuesday’s practice the team focused on hustling and moving their feet. The team did this through lots of drills with passing. Summer workouts are optional but for the Spike Dogs this time is very important. The teams will begin match play in early August. “We are looking for lots of hustle and enthusiasm,” said Busenitz. The way that the players will be broken up, junior varsity or varsity, has yet to be determined but these practices are ways for coaches to see who is willing to work hard. The girls will travel to Prince Avenue for scrimmages on Wednesday July 9. “The matches are just a lot of fun. The girls and the coaches just love getting together as a team,” said Busenitz.

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