Knife fight leads to jail

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By Patrick Yost editor

Two people were reportedly cut with the same machete after an argument in a Budget Inn Motel room last Wednesday allegedly over sex turned violent. Tamaro Gadson, 34, Montgomery, Al. and Priscilla Lovette Evans, 32, Madison, both have been charged with aggravated assault after Madison Police Department officers responded to a stabbing complaint at approximately 10:20 p.m. at the motel. According to Officer Andy Koth’s report, Koth arrived and found Gadson walking away from the motel with a cut arm. Koth also found Evans sitting outside a room at the motel with a cut hand. Evans told the officer, his report says, that Gadson had attempted to strike her in the head with a machete and she had deflected the blow.

Gadson told the officer that he and a friend had followed Evans back to her room and that while he and Evans were engaged in physical activity an argument erupted regarding $40. Gadson said Evans pulled a machete and cut him in the arm as he attempted to flee. Witnesses said Gadson was outside a room lamenting the argument, the money and the cut when Evans approached with the machete. Gadson said he took the machete away from Evans while she was holding between her legs in order to light a cigarette. A machete was located in a dumpster at the property line of the motel near where Gadson was walking when he was detained by Officer Koth. Evans refused treatment, reports state and refused to cooperate with Officer Koth. Both were eventually transported and booked at the Morgan County Detention Center.

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