We are in desperate need of rain

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What???   Here July is almost half over. It seems I’m always talking about how fast time goes by for this old lady and it is hot today (Monday). We are in desperate need of rain. Lord, we do need this today. I love the weekends. I know I’ll be in church someplace and am always so glad to be with the folks at Beacon Heights. I had the honor and pleasure of singing for them on Sunday and to be with their pastor as he has resigned and Sunday was his last day with them and a great sermon it was could have brought tears to many eyes as he took his message from Joshua 23,  A Farewell Address. And he brought it in such a way that there was no sadness he didn’t say good-bye.  And he will come around to visit.   There was a going away reception held in his honor on Sunday night.   Rev. Les Roberts will be the interim pastor until they can find someone permanent. Rev. Steve Brown brought out these points in his message.   A Christian life should not be hard to live—find rest in Him—get in the will of the Lord.  These three points Joshua told to all of Israel and they apply to us today: 1.  Be courageous.  2.   To cleave unto the Lord your God.  3.   Take good heed that you love the Lord your God.   Yes, we are told to separate ourselves from sin and live not around them.  Be a separate people.  Put all your emphasis on Him.  The Word of God is profitable.  Thank you Horace and the congregation for always making me feel so welcome. I sure missed being in our church and I understand we had a good crowd with some new visitors.

But I was there on Sunday night and we had a good service as Butch preached from Luke 15, and the redemptive love of God.  Dr. Butch has really been on fire for the Lord lately and it’s been good. We are all getting excited about our homecoming on July 27th when we have the Spencer Family with us at 11 a.m. preaching service, then we’ll eat a delicious lunch then back into the church for an afternoon of gospel singing.   Revival begins on Monday night when we will have Paul Wimpey to preach  and the New Apostles to sing for us. Services at 7 p.m., Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Members, old members, friends,  please come and enjoy the divine Word of God. Even if you don’t come for the morning services, plan to come and hear the singing after lunch. Remember, we are in the building behind the old church. Friday night we experienced a beautiful union between two beautiful children of God. Ruby Stewart Guinn became the bride of James McCord.  These kids are like two love birds and both were gleaming with happiness. After the ceremony performed by Butch Jackson a reception given by the ladies of Sugar Creek Baptist was held in the fellowship hall with the beautiful cakes,  the bride’s made by Eleanor Johnson and Kim Johnson and the delicious chocolate with strawberries made by Ginny Bell.   All the food was delicious.  Ruby and James appreciates  each and every thing done for them on their special day. Congratulations to this couple and may their life be filled with much love, joy and happiness.  Forgot to say that this happy bride is only 63 years young. Ruby, it’s not a secret anymore. There seems to be a lot going on in Ruby’s life lately. The descendants of her mother and daddy had a Stewart reunion this week end in Washington, Georgia. This is a large crowd with just these brothers and sisters and their families. I’m sure everyone had a great time. On Saturday I attended the memorial service for my first cousin, Gene Malone that passed away last week. It was a beautiful service, held outside in the Prayer Garden at Corinth Christian Church. There was a gentle breeze sent from heaven. Rev. Don Hardison  was in charge of the service and it’s a shame that we only see some of our relatives when there is a death. Gene leaves three sons,  Ricky, Randy and Rory and a brother, Randall plus other members of his family.  He will be missed. After the funeral I went by to see a precious dear friend.

Sandra Carter Taylor and I go back several years of love and memories. She’s had a struggle with breast and kidney cancer and she begins radiation treatments today (Monday) but she looked so beautiful to me with her new hair just beginning to come out and her love of our God is unbelievable. She is a wonder, herself. I love you. Please remember Sandra Taylor, Dot Stewart, Jackie Simmons, Lou and Jessie Comans, O.L. Jordan, Charles Johnson, Patsy Greene, the Walker family, and remember Angella Smith and Jordan Busbee.  Hold up all these names when you pray.   Plus so many on our prayer request listing. God knows all about each of them. Especially remember Mike Walker as he is having hip replacement surgery tomorrow (Tuesday).  Mike, we are all with you in prayer…. I ran into Jody Miller last week. He tells me that Roy is doing good but his Mama, let’s pray for both Roy and his precious wife. The David Busbee family have returned from a vacation trip to Panama City, Florida. I tell you,  David has a suntan that beats them all. Bennie and Martha Dooley have had guests from Virginia and Alabama, plus others coming in to visit. So I’m sure Martha’s been cooking up some good food. Their son in law, Tommy Thomason and his band will be playing this weekend at the Hiawassee Fair. I wish I could go. We miss you two, so hurry back. I’m excited that we will soon have some of my family moving in this week to the lake area. Ray and Sandra Holloway have built a beautiful new house just off of Highway 44 on the Eatonton side of the lake. They will be moving from Snellville and will have both their sons here already. Kenny lives in the lake area and Mark lives in the Buckhead Manor subdivision. I am so happy for them.

I want to wish a special lady a very happy birthday. Catherine Zachary will celebrate 102 years this week. What a life she has had, and still so alert and bright. She is the mother of June Wallace.   Blessings for you Miss Catherine.  Yes, I am celebrating all month too and my cousin Carolyn brought me an unexpected gift. Thank you Carolyn.  I am already enjoying it and speaking of my birthday,  the Moon girl cousins will be getting together for a little reunion on my actual birthday, the 25th at “Where’s There’s Smoke Barbecue” in Monroe. There are not too many of us girls left and I hope to see several of them. If this is successful we’ll include the men with the next one. Several have other obligations and they will be missed. July 18th Tim Cadiere will be in concert at the Rutledge Summer Concert at 7:00 p.m.. Happy anniversary to Sandy and Stephanie Martin on the 19th,  and to Jessie and Lou Comans on the 20th.  Happy birthday to Ross Arnold on the 19th and to my special friend. Reba Knight celebrates on the 17th. When can we get together? “If you think your best days are behind you, they are.  If you think your best days are ahead of you, they are.”    copied from Guideposts So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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