Elementary Science Fair at GMC

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Madison campus of the Georgia Military College hosted a elementary science fair, open to children of all ages, free of charge, on Saturday, July 19. The event featured a variety of science experiments and projects designed and researched by the campus’ student government association to get children excited about science. According to Lee Aldheizer, director of the Georgia Military College’s Madison campus, 22 children participated along with their parents. “Math and science are skills that are so important, particularly in today’s world and we want to give kids an introduction to that. We want to let them know that science can be fun and it has use in all kinds of fields,” said Aldheizer. Katrina Saffold, a biology professor at the college, ran the science fair, directing participants through the multiple rooms of activities.

Children worked on volcano experiments, made liquid rainbows in a bottle, and even learned how to make homemade ice cream and lava lamps. The children were led through a dark room with neon “glow-germ” paint spread across their hands so they could learn how germs are spread. The kids were also sent home with instruction packets so they can do the experiments at home, too. “We started the science fair last year as a project for the interdisciplinary science class and the people who take that class were studying to become elementary school teachers,” explained Aldheizer.

“They put it together last year as part of their class assignment. They researched different experiments to do with the kids. Even though we didn’t have that particular class again this summer, we still wanted to have the science fair, so the student government association put it on.” “I thought the event went very well,” said Aldheizer. The Madison campus of The Georgia Military Program is an extension of the main campus in Milledgeville. The Madison campus serves about 150 students working on Associate Degrees. “We give people those first two years of the college experience and help them navigate through the entire educational process,” said Aldheizer. “Our motto is ‘start here and go anywhere!”

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