Parents join with young Hoop Dogs during final Saturday

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

Hoop Dog parents came out of the stands to join their children in a final day of Summer Saturday events this past weekend. “It was great to see the parents participating with their son or daughter,” said Hoop Dogs Director Milfred Franklin. “Those are the best memories a kid can have when their parent is having fun with them playing games or sports.” On Saturday July 19 the Hoop Dogs made their way to the gym for the last time of the summer season. Saturday’s parent’s day was the perfect ending to a summer filled with basketball. All summer students from across Morgan County have been playing in the summer Hoop Dog league. The parent’s day included a number of different competitions for them to participate in. The children were divided into their age group. The day started out with each parent and child team shooting 10 free throws each. The top five shooters moved on to the second round. In the second round the groups shot 10 free throws each again. However, this time instead of the top five moving on the top three moved on to the final round.

In the final round the parent and child teams only shot five free throws. At the end of the competition the winners were awarded points. “I like the free throws because they make you concentrate on your shot,” said second grade player Leonna Binion. The second competition was the “hot spot” competition. Each parent and child team had one minute to alternate from five different spots on the floor. Like the free throw competition the top five groups moved on to the second round. The group then repeated the challenge. The top three moved on to the final round where the winner was awarded points. The third part of the Hoop Dogs parent’s day was the obstacle course. In this event the kids were the only ones who participated. The players had to complete seven obstacles on the basketball court. For each completed obstacle the player received one point.

The players were timed through the course of one free throw, one jump shot, one overhead pass, one bounce pass, one chest pass, speed dribble and one layout. All of the pieces of the obstacle course were things that the students have worked on throughout the summer. It tested what they’ve learned in a fun and safe way. The player with the most points at the end of the course won. At the end of the day the parent child team with the most points for all the events combined received a $20 gift card to Walmart. All of the children and parents loved the day’s competitions. The Hoop Dog coaches felt this was the perfect way for the parents to have some fun with their sons and daughters.

“The highlight was seeing parents come together to help a good cause and the kids having fun,” said Franklin. This summer has been fun for the children but it has also come with hard work. Fourth grade player Leon Binion said that the thing he’s like the most this summer is playing in the Hoop Dog games. Binion has enjoyed the games because he’s had fun and he got to practice his shooting. Darren Cooke said that his favorite thing has been practicing because you get to work on your dribbling and your shooting. If it weren’t for the coaches- Michael Carter, Nate Williams, Thomas Davis, Vet Lewis, Sharda Massey, Patricia Pitts, Derrick Worrell, Nicky Little and Travis Peters the success of the Hoop Dogs league would not be possible. Coach Franklin also wanted to thank the parents and high school students who volunteered on Saturday. Franklin hopes that the students will continue playing basketball but keep their academics first as they head back to class in the coming weeks.

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