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By Dianne Lively Yost columnist

2014 Space Odyssey. Houston. crackle crackle Do you read me? I say, HOUSTON DO YOU READ ME? Ding dang it Momma! We never should have blasted up into outer space in Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson’s super secret sassy Virgin Galactic space rocket! What in the Sam Hill were we thinkin’! And, now HAL the computer has flat taken over! Let’s get into the escape pod and fly back to Madison! HAL: Negative Momma. I’m afraid I can’t allow you to access the airlock system and escape. SLAM! BANG! BOOOM! Take that HAL! Houston Momma just slapped HAL into deep, deep space. We are firing up the RCS thrusters! Madison Municipal Airport here we come! Shhhhwish BOOM! Shoot fire y’all!

We’ve been stuck up there in outer space for more than a month! It’s sooo good to be back in our world! What the? Momma! Look over there next to Dixie Seafood! It’s a brand spankin’ new shop! Muzzy’s Gifts & More located at 292 Hancock Street in downtown Madison Wow! Let’s check it all out! Ding dang! Muzzy’s is flat cute as it can be! It’s owned and operated by Tammi Bodin and her daughter Mackenzie of Madison! And, honey they are the place to go if you’re lookin’ for personalized items! They will monogram just about anything (except for heirloom items)! Plus they offer vinyl monogramming too! Oh and they’ve got great affordable jewelry – much of it can be personalized too! Oh and they sell some fabulous candles, pillows and t-shirts, even cool customized cutting boards! Get over there and check it all out! Hey and some sad news to report. Cover to Cover Books just announced that they are closing their doors on August 13. But before then they are goin’ out with a bang! Dang! Check out their ad in this week’s Citizen! Honey they’ve got all sorts of specials like mass market paperbacks for only $1 or Trade paperbacks for $2! You can even get hardcovers for only $3! Y’all head over to 1968 Athens Highway in Madison and pick up some great deals! Mark your calendars y’all! August 1 will be the next First Friday event in downtown Madison! This is a great event that was started by the Madison Artists Guild Gallery in downtown Madison and it has just grown like kudzu on a pine tree! Anyhow this next event will include shops and restaurants all around downtown Madison!

They’ll stay open a bit later and will offer a host of fun things like refreshments, special deals, door prizes, music and more! Keep watchin’ this column for more! Oh and honey one of Morgan County’s most fun fund raisin’ events is smack around the corner! The Morgan Memorial Hospital Auxiliary’s Festival of Friends to benefit Morgan Memorial Hospital is slated for Saturday, August 23 and starts with a cocktail party and silent auction at the James Madison Conference Center at 6 p.m. and then honey a slew of fab dinner parties at 8 p.m. that will take place all over Morgan County! A Gourmet Evening the Country at Serenata Farm; UGA Bulldog Tailgate Party; Southern Primer Progressive Party; Ye Olde Fish and Chips Shoppe; Under the Tuscan Moon; Pig Pickin’ with all the Fixin’s; Authentically Maryland; Plato and Aristotle Walk into A Temple Bar; and Hooray for Hollywood! Oh and honey Ben Whidby of Whidby Jewelers flat donated a beautiful lady’s white 14Kt Round Dashing Diamonds Pendant worth $1,499 that will be raffled off! Ding dang Diamonds is rights y’all! I flat need to dash in some diamonds! Somebody call my handsome husband immediately! Y’all and don’t forget the best event of the year is this weekend! Firefly Festival! Yes! I flat cannot wait to dance around all over Town Park on Saturday night on date night! Family night is Friday night! This is a beautiful festival filled with twinkling’ lights, fireflies, food, fun, entertainment and more! Don’t miss this fantastic event put on by the City of Madison!

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