Anthony International Moves Jobs to Conyers

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Staff Writer

The Madison branch of Anthony International, a glass specialty manufacturing company located at 1101 Sovis Road, has announced that the company will move an estimated manufacturing 150 jobs to Conyers, about 30 miles away, later this year. “It’s never a good thing to lose jobs,” said Bob Hughes, president of the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce, “But this was a business decision for the company.” In 2012, Anthony International was bought by The Dover Corporation, a global manufacturer.

Dover recently completed an expansion of their facility in West Conyers, deciding to consolidate all its regions’ manufactures in one location. “Anthony will continue to operate our glass plant in Madison but will be moving our frame and door operation to another of our facilities in nearby Conyers to enhance production efficiencies.

The relocation of our frame and door operation will allow us to efficiently serve more markets from our Georgia operations enabling us to grow our business, which will hopefully result in more jobs and opportunities in the area,” said Craig Little, president of Anthony International. “Dover handled the assembly of the actual freezes and things, while Anthony made the doors and door frames,” explained Hughes.

It just made more sense to Dover to have all their manufactures under one roof. That’s what precipitated this move.” The relocation will not result in the automatic loss of jobs for the employees currently working at Anthony International, but they will have to decide if they want to make the commute to Conyers, noted Hughes. “For the folks that might want to stay local, it may be as good a time as any for this to happen because there are jobs available here in Morgan County,” said Hughes, who noted coming available jobs at Mannington Mills, Flambeau, and Rema Tip Top.

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