Dogs transition to conditioning practice

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

With the school year just around the corner, the Morgan County Varsity Football team is transitioning to a new type of practice this week. “I think the thing we’re all looking forward to getting these kids back in school and getting in and on a regular 12-hour day as opposed to barely being able to see them for two and a half, three hours a day,” said Head Football Coach Bill Malone. “It’ll be great to get them back in school next week.” However, for this week the Bulldogs will be focusing on conditioning and special teams. The 2014 Morgan County High School football season is just a month away and the coaches and team are excited. The Georgia High School Association regulates certain aspects of the summer and currently the boys are down to two-hour practices. The practices have now transitioned from morning practices to afternoon practice.

The boys spend their practices conditioning and working on special teams. The Bulldogs might look a little different this season as they are working on new defensive and offensive strategies. Allen Crowley is back as the new, old defensive coordinator. Crowley is bringing some new things and adding to aspects that the team already learned. The Bulldogs have been working on secondary coverages and some things they are doing on the line of scrimmage. Coach Malone said that offensively we haven’t taken a snap underneath the center this year, which is something that is completely opposite of what we’ve always done. He went on to say that this is opening up the offense so to speak. The MCHS coaches are really pleased with Brantley Frost and the progress he is making as quarterback. Overall the coaches fell that the teams is making improvements every day. This year’s team features some players who have shown promise in their catching and running games.

“I’ve heard from a couple of people that are outside of the football program say that they’ve talk to or heard boys say that how excited they are about the season and excited about our new offense and our new approach to defense,” said Coach Malone. “So it seems that the guys are pretty jacked up about what we’ve got going on and it’s always easier to coach them when they’re excited.” The Bulldogs will face Jones County in their first official game on August 29. Coach Malone said that Jones County has a bunch of kids that are really excited about their new coach that came from Griffin High School. The coaches are enjoying working with the boys and getting excited about the fast approaching season. If you can’t wait to see the Bulldog team in action they will take on Apalachee High School at home on August 8 at 7 pm. The team will then face Athens Christian Academy at home on August 14, which is also a 7 pm game. The team is looking forward to hosting these preseason scrimmages.

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