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On August 3 a theft by conversion complaint was filed at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. According to reports, a woman alleged that her grandson had taken her vehicle from her Clack Road residence. The woman said the grandson’s brother told her that at 1 a.m. the grandson entered the house, spoke to no one and then left. The woman said the next morning she noticed her vehicle missing. While she was speaking with a deputy the woman’s grandson called and said he was returning the vehicle. He was told to return it to the Sheriff’s Office. He initially told his grandmother that he would not return the vehicle to the Sheriff’s Office if he was going to be arrested but eventually he did return the vehicle to the grandmother at the Sheriff’s Office were he was informed that the case would go before a magistrate judge for a pre-warrant hearing.

On August 2 a road rage complaint was filed at on Interstate 20 near the 108 mile marker. According to reports, one driver said a man in a truck pointed a pistol at him after he passed the truck. The truck driver said the complainant came up behind him in the left lane and repeatedly flashed his lights and swerved. The truck driver said when the man passed he made an obscene gesture with his finger.

On July 31 an entering auto complaint was filed at a Whispering Lakes Trail, Buckhead, location. According to reports, a woman said she awoke at 2:50 a.m. and noticed that the dome light was on in her vehicle. She also observed two white males in her husband’s truck. She then woke her husband who said he saw two white males standing on the road near the couple’s driveway. The complainant’s were able to identify the males. The woman said her purse with $30 was missing. A deputy located a purse, a gas can and a skateboard. The purse belonged to a different Whispering Lakes Trail resident and was returned. The other items were taken as evidence. In a separate incident in Whispering Lakes Trail, another woman said someone had entered her vehicle and removed a red Cannon digital camera and some loose change. A separate woman said someone had entered her daughter’s vehicle and removed a purse. The woman found the purse in a sewage ditch and said loose change was missing. A fourth woman said someone entered her garage and vehicle on Whispering Lakes Trail and removed an ashtray with loose change, a gas can and a Razor scooter. The scooter was located two houses away. A fifth woman said someone entered her vehicle and removed a Craftsman emergency tool from her glove box. A sixth victim said someone had entered his garage and removed an 2004 Yamaha TTR125 dirt bike. The man said the bike was not running and did not have a battery. Another man reported that he had located a small bicycle in his driveway that he believed might be related to the numerous automobile break-ins reported in the area.

On July 31 a burglary and theft by taking complaint was filed at a VFW Lane location. According to reports, a man said someone had forced entry into an outdoor building on his property and removed $25,000 worth of fishing gear. On July 26 a forgery of a financial transaction card complaint was filed at a Brownwood Road location. According to reports, a woman said someone used her banking data to charge $107.72 to The woman said she never authorized the charge and had never been to that website.

On July 29 an entering vehicle and forgery complaint was filed at the beach area of Hard Labor Creek State Park. According to reports, a woman said someone had removed her purse from her vehicle on July 17. The woman said she thought she had removed all valuables from the purse but realized that she had left a single check in the purse after she noticed that someone had allegedly forged a check for $986.47, however the person who allegedly wrote the check had also written their credit union account number under the signature line of the check.

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