Bostwick Council hears concerns regarding water

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

On Monday, Aug. 4, the Bostwick City Council held its monthly meeting, discussing the ongoing pavement project with Garrett Paving, projected to cost the city $32,407. Mayor John Bostwick said the city is moving forward on the project. The council also decided on the lesser of two quotes for an update on the city’s water filter for $15,000. The council also considered a change in insurance providers.

The change would be in order to save money. The type of insurance that was up for discussion was Workers Compensation. A Bostwick couple, who live on Echols Road, expressed concerns during the meeting about their water quality, need for speed bumps, and struggling with four-wheeling riders on their street. Mayor Bostwick said that the water quality is a citywide problem and that the best way to handle it was to call the county and get them to flush the line.

Currently, Bostwick is working on the road paving project, so the speed bumps will have to come after the roads are finished being paved. Angie Howard, a council member, asked about the potential of restriping the roads and speed bumps, to which Mayor Bostwick said that he would check on.

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