Madison Artist Guild opens ‘Creatures and Critters’ exhibit

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

The Madison Artist Guild is teaming up with The Plaza Arts Center to bring an exhibit that crowds are sure to be wild about- Creatures and Critters. “I think the neatest thing about this show, while the theme is easily relatable to most people, but I think the thing that people will enjoy most about this show is the variety of artwork,” said Madison Artist Guild Director Elizabeth Collins.

The show will hold it’s opening reception on August 14 at 7 p.m. at The Plaza Arts Center in Eatonton. Collins has been working hard to put together an exciting show. The show is made up of local artist work and covers all different forms of media.

The board came up with the team because they wanted something fairly general that a lot of people would have work that they could create for it. Members of the Madison Artist Guild are the ones who will be participating in the show.

Most of the artist already had some form of artwork related to animals making it an easy choice for the show. People can expect to see paintings, photography, clay, and jewelry. One of Collins favorite pieces that was submitted is a fish pendant submitted by Peggy Martin.

This show is going to be new innovative work. “The main thing is we’re just really excited to partner with Plaza Arts, to have them have invited us down, we defiantly have guild members that are from down in that part of the lake,” said Collins. “Madison Artist Guild is not just downtown Madison it’s the whole area.”

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