Good times we had on the slopes

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I send my sympathy to Debbie Ashburn and also to Dr. Ralph Bennett Jr. in the death of their dad Ralph M. Bennett Sr. in Macon. The funeral was on Sunday. There was a huge crowd there including some from Madison. Mr. Bennett was 90 years old and had been in declining health for some time. Among the survivors is Matthew Ashburn. Mr. Bennett was Matthew’s granddad.

Earl Smith passed away on August 17 in a nursing home in Griffin. I send my sympathy to all of the family. He was 101 years old. He had pneumonia. He is survived by many grandchildren. Bill Smith was his son. He had several daughters. He had told one daughter recently that he wasn’t going to live much longer. She asked why he said that. He said that the Lord told him so. He will be cremated with burial at Carver, N.C. where his family was from.

Edna Smith sent a happy birthday thought to go to Jo Johnson who is a friend from Etowik, Tenn. She was 83 years old.

Reid Alliston had a birthday August 15. Happy birthday to you Reid!

Krystal Smith is going back to work following the wreck that she had a week ago. I’m glad that you are some better.

Jo Marcrum had Bob and Janice Bumgarner and John Burgarner for supper one night.

Harold Alford is doing fairly well to be about 93. I believe that is his age, if not I’m sorry.

Chipper Gronholm visited Betty and Macon Moore Sunday afternoon. He is from Atlanta

My nephew Clyde Allen Cannop (Bill) Jr. passed away last Saturday. He died in Texas. I was shocked at his death. He had been in ill health for some time. He was reared at the Experiment Farm at Godfrey. He graduated from Morgan County High School. He was 65 years old. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Since it has been so hot this summer I thought about something cool. I was outside so I pictured the snow that we had last winter. I fed the birds at least two or three times a day. Even then birds were flocked in our yard looking for food. I put feed in a feeder, in a waterer or on the ground and on our carport. They really ate the food.

It reminded me of times past when my girls were home and it snowed. We had lots of snow.

Our girls wanted to slide down a steep hill in our field. My husband got some trash can lids for them to ride on. They went absolutely flying down the hill. He joined in and I watched but I never rode down. I don’t recall if they ever had a tumble.

As I felt the heat lately I thought about the lids that they rode down on. They went so fast. The lids were slick that it scared me to try and ride.

At any rate all of these thoughts made me remember the cool temperatures and the good times that we had on the slopes. My thought was that we need a little snow now to cool things down. But in His own time He will cool things down. Thank you Lord for you being in control!

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