I am really tired of hot, muggy weather, aren’t you?

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I am really tired of hot, muggy weather, aren’t you?  There was a cloud that came up yesterday and another one today, but so far we haven’t gotten anything from them.  I understand Bostwick and Watkinsville did get some, so I am glad for them.  I guess I will be complaining about cold weather in a few months.

I enjoy watching “The Pioneer Woman” on the cooking channel from time to time.  She and her family live on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma and she cooks “real” food for her husband and her family; plus a lot of times she has to cook for the cowhands that are helping out on the farm.  She uses down to earth ingredients, not any ingredients that you just never have on hand.  I have learned a lot from her.  The only thing I don’t like is that one of her shows comes on at noon, which isn’t convenient for me at all.  Another comes on at 5 p.m., which I can sometimes catch, but as is usual with all of TV. there are always reruns.  She made onion rings one day which looked so good I just had to try and besides I had just bought some Vidalia onions.  They were really, really good.  She sliced an onion or two into very thin slices and then let them soak in 2 cups of buttermilk for an hour (I was in a hurry and mine didn’t soak near that long).  After that she dredged  them in a mixture of 2 cups flour, scant 1 T. salt, pepper to taste, and 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of cayenne pepper.  Deep fry at 375 degrees.  I used my “Fry Daddy,” which is as old as the hills (I really need a new deep fryer!) and fried until golden- brown.  They were delicious!  I haven’t done them but twice, ’cause we just don’t need them, but they are really good!  Some of you might want to try them.  I will tell you the story of me copying the Pioneer Woman  that didn’t go over too good with my menfolks; in fact they thought I was crazy, which, by the way, isn’t the first time. by a long shot!  Her people seemed to like it, but, I do remember, it is TV after all!

We’re glad to report that Jimmy Bone did make it back up here to Morgan Memorial the last part of the week and is hoping to begin some therapy soon in order to regain his strength.  Continue to remember him in prayer.  Tony Hardeman had knee replacement surgery on this Monday morning, and we pray for him to have a quick recovery from this.  Mrs. Oma Cooper who lives down the road here from us in Fieldcrest Court had the misfortune to fall on Saturday and shatter her ankle.  She is waiting to hear back from the Orthopedic doctor to set up her surgery.  Out prayers are certainly with her through this ordeal.

Esther Curry sent me a note telling about a meeting that will be held at New Hope Baptist Church in Greshamville on Monday, Sept, 8 at 7 p.m. It is the Morgan County Baptist Association Ladies meeting.  Jackie Hardy, the pastor’s wife of First Baptist Church in Social Circle and the GA. WMU President will be speaking.  They are looking forward to getting an update on Rhonda Lanier Peppers and her family who are serving as missionaries in Guinea, West Africa.  They are all praying that this section will not be hit with that terrible Ebola Virus.  You may contact Esther @ 706-474-5963 for more information.

Rev. Gene Scarborough of Macon was the guest speaker at Trinity Baptist Church for both services this past Sunday.  They along with Gil and Fran Businitz were  Sunday luncheon guests of Marvin and Betty Ingalsbe at their home.

George and Becky Haley of Stockbridge along with their daughter Teresa and her daughter Carley of Williamsburg, Vir. visited Frances Brewer on this past Friday who she enjoyed.

John and Sally Hensley’s granddaughter, GeorgiaAnn Morgan, celebrated her first birthday on this past Saturday.  Her parents, Ryan and Rebecca Morgan hosted a barbecue complete with birthday cake of course for around 25 friends and family.  Happy first birthday, GeorgiaAnn!  Macy Malcom has returned from Europe where she has been studying abroad this summer.

Gloria and William Crew attended the Malcom family reunion up at Hard Labor Creek on this past Sunday.

Julia Gay and Joe Sabbadino of Greenville, SC, came down and spent the day here with relatives on this past Sunday.  They attended services at Trinity Baptist Church and then they along with Chuck and Janice Philippi enjoyed Sunday lunch at Steve and Sarah Nell Craigs.

Jeanie Acord has been busy directing a musical that will be presented this coming weekend up at Belmont Baptist Church in Conyers.  It is entitled, “Pirates of the I Don’t Care……ibbean.”  It is a musical about storing up treasures in heaven.  It will be at 7 p.m. on Friday night and at 2 p.m. on this coming Saturday afternoon; August 22 and 23.  Jeanie is also teaching this year up at Providence Christian School in Covington along with her daughter, Anna Leigh.

Peyton and Ella Grace Fortson spent the weekend at their grandparents, Marty and Connie Wilson, while their parents enjoyed a weekend away and also participating in the Rugged Maniac,up at the International Horse Park.  It is a fitness challenge mostly in the mud!

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