Rutledge Concert Series brings Two Artists Back

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Leila Dycus

Staff Writer

For the past 10 weeks the Rutledge Gazebo has been jamming out with various artists- this week the summer concert series featured two artist that have graced the stage in previous weeks.

“I want to thank everyone for coming out to last week’s concert,” said Concert Director Terry Reeves. “We hope to have more people come out to this coming week’s show.”

This week was different the show was split into two parts- artists Craig Neidlinger and Horace Reeves played their own sets. During Craig’s pervious show the sound system wasn’t quite up to par so the series directors wanted to bring him back for another show. Horace Reeves is a Rutledge favorite; and with multiple residents asking to have him back the series opted to follow their wishes.

Last week’s concert by The Apostles of Bluegrass was cancelled due to the band’s request. The band felt the rain would keep their fans away so they chose not to move to the designated rain location inside Yesterday’s Café. Concert Series Director Terry Reeves hopes to book the band again to play sometime in September.

The Neidlinger and Reeves show brought a crowd of about 150 people to the Rutledge Park. Neiedlinger opened the show at 7 p.m. followed by a song sung by Concert Series Director Terry Reeves and then around 7:50 p.m. Horace Reeves took the stage. This show was different than their previous shows the two artists played completely different sets.

Craig’s set was built on some obscure singer songwriter songs. Perhaps the most exciting part of his list included a very different cover of a Led Zeppelin. Neidlinger also played some of his own music. He is known for his guitar playing, accompanied by his wife who played stand up base the team wooed the crowd.

Horace Reeves played by himself. He sang with a CD, which he paid the band to play on, making his music original, and not karaoke style. His music took audiences on a journey back in time, playing covers of music from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Deemed the “velvet voice” by Concert Director Terry Reeves the Rutledge audiences were drawn to him.

Just as in pervious weeks the crowds brought out their tables, chairs and decorations. After the concert the fans flocked to visit their favorite artist- buying up their CDs and expressing gratitude for visiting Rutledge. Crowds enjoyed both artists but some fans tended to enjoy one or the other better.

Neidlinger and Reeves were two very different artists allowing all in attendance to get a taste of different styles of music. As for next week Caroline Aiken will take to Rutledge. Akin hails from Athens, but has toured all over the world. Audiences can expect to hear a sound like Bonnie Raitt.

Aiken has toured with such artists as Raitt and the Allman Brothers. This concert is sure to be one worth attending. It’s not every day that artists of this caliber come to Rutledge. Next week’s concert will be one of the last of the summer, with just one more show following Aiken. If you have yet to get out to one of these events there is still time.

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