Horror At Ricky D’s

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick:

The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art (STMA) launched their month-long Horror Poster Parody Contest with a Hollywood-style red carpet bash for the public to mingle with the local “stars” of the recreated iconic horror movie poster on Thursday at Ricky D’s in Madison. STMA unveiled the posters for the first time and opened voting for the contest. Voting will continue online for the rest of the month until the winner is announced at the Golden Ghoul Awards on Oct. 25, held at STMA from 7 pm to 10 pm. “The kick-off to our Golden Ghoul poster contest went beautifully,” STMA Director Karen Strelecki said. “Ricky D’s provided the perfect location for a wicked good time, and we got the adrenaline pumping for this exciting fundraiser.” “Voting continues through October 25th. Anyone can vote, more than once if you’re feeling competitive and donations can be in any amount over the minimum bid of $3.Votes can even be made for multiple posters, if you just can’t decide on your favorite,” Strelecki added. Competing contestants are Allie and Paul Bourgeois, Erin abd John Garrett, Rob Hanselman, Ty and Kelly Manning, Marjean Meadow, Kay Lovejoy, Zeke Lambert, George Launius, Cissy & Wes Hanemayer, John Cooper and Angelina Bellebuono, Mary Hanemayer, Solveig Harden, Terri & Roy Smith, Betsy Wagenhauser, Susan Weibel, Dana Kibbey, and Karen Strelecki.

According to Strelecki, the posters in the lead will not be announced until closer to the awards, when the poster that receives the highest donation is declared the winner.

Thus far, mum’s the word on which poster holds the current lead, but soon the STMA website will feature the totals so the poster models can rev their competitive engines and push for votes. “It usually gets exciting as votes start to roll in for our parody fundraisers,” Strelecki said. “Sometimes it’s a very close race and participants can be very serious about getting votes!” According to Angelina Bellebuono, all the money donated for the contest goes directly to the STMA Arts Outreach programs, which provides four annual Art Ventures Experience in Creativity Workshops, year-long art instruction at the Morgan County Crossroads School and  ‘A Day at the Steffen Thomas Museum’ to hundreds of STMA student visitors each year, in addition to several other outreach opportunities. The ongoing contest continues for the next four weeks and will close at the Golden Ghoul Awards event on Saturday, October 25 from 7-10 p.m. at the Steffen Thomas Museum, where the poster that garners the highest total donation amount will be declared the winner. The easiest method of secure, online voting is to visit the STMA websitehttp://steffenthomas.org/ and click on the button at the top right of the page that says ‘click here to cast your vote.’ Checks are also accepted if mailed to the museum and preferences for voting are specified on the check. ​For those who like to push the winner over the top, or those who prefer to cheer for the underdog, Strelecki offers this scoreboard, updated every few days throughout the contest. http://steffenthomas.org/golden-ghoul-awards-contest-scoreboard/ “We truly appreciate the efforts of all our poster participants and to the community for being a part of this parody contest. We could not do these fundraisers without the enthusiasm and support of everyone involved,” Strelecki said.  Tickets for the Golden Ghoul Awards are also available online or by mail for $35 per person. The event is black-tie or costumed. The Parody Movie Poster stars will be there to mingle with all the guest. The event also features Transylvanian fare catered by The Caboose, “Flash Macabre” performances by the Georgia College Shakespearean Circle and music by Ernest Rogers Entertainment

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