Politics At Perk Avenue

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David Ralston By Jamison Hooks:

Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston visited Madison to speak on behalf of District 112 State Representative Dave Belton and the upcoming elections on Nov. 4. Dozens of interested Madison locals gathered at Perk Avenue for an opportunity to meet with several Georgia politicians, including Jody Hice and Doug Holt. The crowd was eager to hear what they had to say. Speaker of the House David Ralston spoke on behalf of Belton and his capabilities. “I have gotten to know Dave and I am looking forward to him becoming a member of the house. I am impressed with his work ethic, energy, and standards. I know he is going to reflect very well on this district,” said Ralston. Jody Hice running for US Congress was also present at Perk Avenue. “We are in the fight of our life in this country and this is not the time to wave a white flag of surrender, this is the time that we the people have to step it up in way that we have never done before. We need to get engaged, and I know that those of you here are already doing that- that’s why I love being in meetings like this,” said Hice. The meeting was well received and those in attendance were pleased to have the opportunity to meet face to face with the candidates. “I came out today to meet the candidates and hear what they had to say about education,” said Chairman of the Morgan County Board of Education Nelson Hale. With the overall hopes of inspiring people to get out and vote, Ralston made his final statements. “Lift Dave Belton up. Put his sign in your yard, wear his sticker, talk to all your friends, and make sure they vote for him. No race is to be taken for granted,” stated Ralston as he presented Belton with $4,500. “This is from friends of yours that believe in you,” Ralston concluded. Those in attendance of the meeting left with yard signs and positive outlook on the upcoming elections. “Hand in hand, we will do our best to make this country a better place to live,” said Belton.

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