Better get ready for a Chili Cook–Off Saturday

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By: Dianne Lively Yost:

Secret ingredients? Check! Hot, hot chili peppers? Check! Cold beer? Check! Ding dang! Hot Off The Presses is flat ready to compete in the 10th Annual Madison Chili Cook-Off at Town Park this Saturday, Oct. 4! As of press time there are a total of 25 teams who are gonna cook up a big firestorm for all y’all! Hey and did y’all know the University of Georgia even changed the time of Saturday’s football game from a previously scheduled 12 p.m. kick-off to the newly scheduled time of 4 p.m. because they flat didn’t want to compete with the Madison Chili Cook-Off? Yes! So that means you can go taste chili and then watch the game at Ricky D’s on the square on Jefferson Street in downtown Madison on the BIG SCREEN! WOW! It’s gonna be a BLAST! Hey and y’all remember: The Chili Cook-Off is much more than just tastin’ chili! There will be live music, contests and the Harvest Marketplace will have amazing fall plants and fresh produce and more. But the most exciting thing of all about the Chili Cook-Off? Well first you need to read the rest of this in your deep-movie-trailer-voiceover voice: (Cue dramatic music) THIS SATURDAY. ONE NEWSPAPER. ONE MAGAZINE. TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME AT THE CHILI COOK-OFF. A MIRACLE WILL UNFOLD. CRITICS ARE CALLING IT SENSATIONAL. MORGAN COUNTY GEORGIA EARTH WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. ON THIS SATURDAY A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE MORGAN COUNTY CITIZEN AND LAKE OCONEE LIVING MAGAZINE WILL BE 50% OFF! AND YOU CAN LOCK IN THAT PRICE FOR UP TO THREE YEARS. IT’S UP TO YOU. ONE PERSON. ONE CREDIT CARD. ONE CHECK. ONE STACK OF CASH. ONE SATURDAY IN TOWN PARK. Wow! But Momma wants me to remind all y’all that this 50% off offer is only for this Saturday, Oct. 4 and you must come in PERSON! Plus you can register to win $100 CASH! Just look for the Morgan County Citizen and Lake Oconee Living booth at Town Park! Oh and you also will be able to purchase tickets to the upcoming Lake Oconee Living Dream Home Tour on Oct. 11 at beautiful Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee! Right so another cool, cool thing goin’ on near Town Park this Saturday, Oct. 4 is a huge SALE in the parking lot of Madison Markets! I’m talkin’ antiques and vintage treasures at hugely discounted prices! WHAT? I’m gonna have to get that movie voiceover person in here again! Oh. My. Gosh. Yall! I almost forgot! The dashing Ricardo of the famous and delicious Ricardo’s Kouzzina at 271 West Washington St. near Town Park just popped in to tell us that his lunch menu is changing next Monday! That’s right y’all! Prices have been greatly reduced! I’m talkin’ you can get lunch for as little as $4.95 and some appetizers are even lower than that!! Ding dang! My husband’s credit card can buy more than EVER! I’m talkin’ a Chicken Fajta Salad is only $8.50! I’m talkin’ a yummy cheeseburger for only $6.95! A Gyro pita wrap for only $6.95! A Prime Rib Panini for only $7.95! And, there’s even more great food at great prices! Check out Ricardo’s ad in next week’s paper but better yet? Go over there for lunch on Monday and let us all know how deliciousness doesn’t have to break the bank! Love it! Shoot Fire! I’m outta space. Outta time! I have flat got to split this scene and start gettin’ ready for the Chili Cook-Off! Because . . . THIS SATURDAY. ONE TEAM. HOT OFF THE PRESSES. AGAINST ALL ODDS. WILL RECLAIM ITS TITLE. FIRST PLACE. ONE WINNER. ONE SATURDAY. It just don’t get no better y’all! POP! Now hand me that cold beer Momma!

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