Nearly 91K Net Loss for MMH in August

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By: Jamison Hooks

The Morgan Memorial Hospital Authority (MMHA) covered many topics of discussion at their monthly meeting including their $90,770 Net Loss for the month of August. “Emergency room visits were up at 708 and we usually stay around the mid 600 range so that’s a positive. Overall revenues were down and we did have a loss,” said MCHA Treasurer Paul Courchaine. For the month of August gross revenues fell short of budget by slightly over $45,000. Fiscal Year 2015 Year to Date (YTD) gross revenues are also running at a deficit of nearly $73,000. Total operating revenues for the month of August were nearly $2,000 over budget while Fiscal year 2015 YTD numbers show a 42,000 deficit. For the month of August MMH had Operating expenses of 1.231MM, which came in over budget by approximately $91,000. “We had a loss of almost $91,000 for the month and census was down 15.5 but we’ve rebounded in the current month. I believe we’re 20.7 this month so hopefully we’ll keep that up,” said Chief Financial Advisor Kyle Wilkinson. MMH currently has a year to date loss of $139,134 when compared to an approximately $75,000 deficit in August of 2013. “We had a loss for the month that brings our YTD loss to $139,134. I’m optimistic about September. We’ve already got 1.1 M in collections for the month and the census is up,” said Wilkinson. “I’m hopeful that September will be a good month, and we’ll hopefully knock out a good chunk of this loss in not all of it,” said Wilkinson. MMH’s Patrick Cook gave an overview on the hospitals concern with patient confidentiality and information security. “Data breech has been a big topic in the media lately, so we have put together some information on what we do here to try to protect our patients,” said Hospital CEO Ralph Castillo. MMH utilizes several computer systems such as Cerner, an electronic health record software in order to keep confidential information out of the wrong hands. “We take it very seriously and we do our best to protect our patients health information,” said Cook. The mammography department will be performing bone density screenings on Sept. 26 at the Senior Center as well as at Lollipops in the Madison Drugstore in October. October is breast cancer awareness month and the mammography department has been selling breast cancer t-shirts for the “Pink Out” at the Morgan County High School football game on Oct. 3rd.

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