A Christian bears a cross

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Attendance on Sunday was good, missed the members that were out for various reasons, we welcomed all the members back that had not been in a while, so glad to see you all. We welcomed all our visitors that were present also, we the members are always blessed by their presence and and pray they are blessed as well. Vernon Mullins welcomed everyone, gave the morning announcements and opened service in prayer- Our special music was “He Touched Me” by Ronald Atkinson. Rev. Fred Rowell was our guest speaker today bringing the message: “Come Before Winter” II Timothy 4:6-21. This was Paul’s last letter to Timothy, he wanted Timothy to hear his last words, Paul was a prisoner of faith and soldier of the cross, lived out his life in hope, led to the advancement of the gospel. The purpose of his writing, he was with him, he was lonely, Demas had left him, only Luke was with him, he was cold, he told Timothy to bring his cloak that he had left behind when he came, and bring his books also, especially the parchment, his Bible. Timothy was special to Paul and he really missed him. Paul’s plea to Timothy was “Come Before Winter.” Paul knew his departure was at hand and he didn’t want Timothy to delay his coming. Timothy had this and that to do, and Paul was gone when he did get there. Paul’s message for us, do not ignore people, friends, or whoever that need us, respond to their plea, make it right while you have the opportunity. The plea of Jesus is always for today, Jesus said, Come follow me, come unto me, today is the day of salvation, some will not respond, and will put it off thinking there will be another day. We all have to respond whether it’s church or individuals. On Sunday night at 6 p.m.. the attendance was good, announcements and prayer requests were made. After congregation singing, the mens quartet, Ronald Atkinson, Joe Brown, Toy Sims, and Vernon Mullins sang “Farther Along.” Rev Fred Rowell was guest speaker bringing the message: “How Would You Describe a Church?” Romans 12:4-5 and other scriptures. The Church is the Body of Christ, living organism, every Body has a head, Christ. The Church body is to have love for God and love for others, the great commission tells us to go into the world and preach the gospel and as we go we are to make disciples. The church is a Building, the church goes from the building, God lives in the church goes with us as we go. The church is the Bride of Christ when saved we become engaged to Christ, we’re going to be at the Marriage supper of the Lamb. We are to let Christ work in and through us. God wants the body to be Christ-like, as the body of Christ we’re connected to one another. Next Saturday, Oct. 11 the Brownwood Women’s Ministry will meet at the home of Barbara Sims at 10 a.m. All ladies ask to bring brunch or munch food. On Sunday Evening Oct. 19 at 6 p.m.. Brownwood will have the regular quarterly conference. It is important that all members be present for this. With this being God’s business, seems like you would want to be there. On Thursday afternoon, Sonny, Mary , Rebekah, Rachel and Zach Woodland, and Margie Ward visited with Alice, Donald and Cheryl Cheatham, Laynette Wood, Lawrence and Ronnie Hopkins after Doctors’ appointment in Athens. Peggy Harper, Ellen Smith and Brenda McAdams visited Margie Ward on Wednesday.

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