A simple way to protect America from Ebola

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By: Fred Johnson columnist

When President Obama visited the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta last month he assured us that the “odds of the Ebola virus making it to the U.S. were “extremely low.” And in the unlikely event that the virus does come to America, “we’ve taken new measures so that we’re prepared here at home. We’re working to help flight crews identify people who are sick, and more labs across our country now have the capacity to quickly test for the virus. We’re working with hospitals to make sure that they are prepared, and to ensure that our doctors, our nurses and our medical staff are trained, are ready, and are able to deal with a possible case safely.” Days later the Ebola virus did make it to America when a passenger from Liberia landed in Dallas, Texas, The passenger made it through airport screening in Liberia by lying about his contact with a dying Ebola patient. When his family took him to the hospital in Dallas with Ebola symptoms they gave him some pills and sent him home. When he became seriously ill back at his apartment, his family called 911 and an ambulance took him back to the hospital which possibly infected the ambulance crew. His family was told to quarantine themselves in their apartment but ignored that and even sent their children to school which put the whole school at risk. Armed guards were finally used to keep the family under quarantine. Fifty other people who came in contact with the patient are also under observation and monitored twice a day for Ebola symptoms. Recently, more than 250 passengers aboard a flight from Brussels to Newark were held on the plane for almost two hours as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention workers wearing hazmat suits removed a passenger — a Liberian national who had vomited on approach — from the plane. His daughter was also removed. After the passengers were removed from the plane they were pulled from the customs line and held for another two hours so they could fill out forms. All in all, after a seven hour flight, the passengers were held on the plane for two hours and then held up in customs for another two hours, making it an 11 hour trip. There is a very simple way to protect Americans from Ebola and that is to suspend airline flights to countries where Ebola is raging out of control. However, President Obama refuses to halt airline flights to those countries even though he halted flights to Israel for safety concerns after Hamas rockets were fired into the country.

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