Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God

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By: T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from the Springs! I know that Heaven rejoiced as USBC had several to be baptized and two christenings. The first baby dedicated was Little Master Robert Leon (T.J.) Terrell, IV. The proud parents are Robert Leon (Trey) Terrell III and Ambernique Carter. Grandparents are none other than Rev. Robert L. Terrell, Jr. and First Lady Toni M. Terrell and Phyllis Clark. Maternal Grandparents are Anthony Carter and Myrtle Pilcher. Following service, a private family dinner was hosted by Phyllis Clark at St. Paul A. M. E. Church in Madison, Ga. The only thing that could top the delicious meal was the great fellowship! Little Master Christian Ahmad Lane was the second baby dedicated and his parents are Kendall Lawrence Lane and Keshia Nicole Evans. Grandparents are Johnny Little, Kendrick Lowe, Karen Evans, April Lane and Rhonda Butts. It was such a blessing to see all the family and friends of the candidates that joined us in worship. No exaggeration, but the number of visitor cards that were filled out resembled a deck of cards! Please, come back and worship with us again. Upcoming Events: • Choir Extravaganza, October 11, at 5 p.m. • Pastor Appreciation, October 26, at 10 a.m. • Hallelujah Festival, October 26 immediately following morning worship service Pastor Terrell devoted most of Wednesday Bible Study to expounding on the previous Sunday’s sermon. He clarified further his points on strongholds and evil thoughts. He defined strongholds as a means to fortify through the idea of holding safely with. Demons fortify themselves inside a body to stay there permanently, and prayer alone does not move them. You have to fast also. When something is fortified, it is strengthen by numbers of defense or endurance to works erected to defend a place or position. Again, demons fortify themselves in people creating strongholds. Basically, they make a fort or a permanent barrack to hold fast inside a person. Yet, when we fast as well as pray, we are in a state of continuous worship and it wears down the strongholds. The good news is that God has an angel that can come against any demon! Pastor Terrell went on to say that evil thoughts or evil thinking is caused by some form of unforgiveness in your life. The cure for this is love. We reviewed 1 Corinthians 13:1-6 for the proof. Focusing on verse five, we see that love thinks no evil. When you love them, those evil thoughts have to go! If you have not forgiven them, that person has you bound. When you forgive, it releases both of you! This is why we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Those evil spirits have to flee! We had a hallelujah good time on Sunday! Spirits are on a high level as we are about to start our 3-Day Corporate Fast. It is totally voluntary and those that are participating are abstaining from eating any food. However, we will drink water and juice. We are starting at 5 pm on Thursday, October 9th and will end the fast on Sunday, October 12th at 5 pm. For those that can’t do the entire fast, do what you can. You can receive a breakthrough by fasting 12, 24 and 36 hours! The Lord knows your heart. Now for The Word. Pastor Terrell began his sermon telling us that another reason why we can’t get past our breakthroughs is that we don’t pray out aloud. The Word of God has power when you hear it. You need to hear yourself decree a thing in your life. The main text for the morning came from Acts 16: 25-26 which was at the time when the Apostle Paul and Silas were put in prison for doing the right thing. “At midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.” Even during our midnight experiences, we can also pray aloud to God. It will encourage you to hear yourself do this. If you can pray and praise God when all heck is breaking loose, you can praise Him any time. In the text, after the men prayed and praised God, “suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed.” Even during a situation where the devil is all around, you have to shake things up. It may be someone close to you that needs to hear you. Pastor Terrell stated that this prison was made for bondage. The enemy wants to keep us in bondage, but we are the church. We can praise anywhere: at the ball game, at the laundry mat or at the barber shop because we are the church. The church lives within us! Some of us have been praying for a breakthrough, but we have been meditating our prayers. Remember, in the scripture passages, when the men prayed and praised, all of the doors to the prison were opened and all their bands were loosened. They were not meditating to themselves. They were vocal with their prayers. You may want more proof as to why it is important and biblical to pray aloud. Well, Pastor Terrell pointed out a few of them for us to examine. In Matthew 6:6, if you are not supposed to pray aloud, why would you be instructed to go into the closet to do so? In Matthew 26:36, if Jesus was not going to pray aloud, why would He tell the disciples, “Sit ye here, while I go and pray yonder?” Look at Mark 11:21-23. Jesus says four times to pray out aloud. Are those enough scriptures for you? How about one more. Go to Luke 11: 1-2 where we get The Lord’s Prayer. Jesus said, “When you pray, say, Our Father, which art in heaven…” He didn’t say meditate to yourself. Speak the Word! When was the last time anyone heard you pray? When was the last time you heard yourself pray? Why pray out aloud? Because faith comes by hearing and hearing by The Word of God! Glory Be To God!

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