Get Your Pink On

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By: Tia Lynn Lecorchick

Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH) is encouraging women to have mammograms throughout the month of October by conducting the “Get Your Pink On,” promotion, which gives out a free pink scarf or pink lunch bag whenever a woman comes in to MMH for a mammogram. MMH is also selling “Get Your Pink On” t-shirt to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Megan Morris, director of community affairs for MMH, explained MMH’s breast awareness strategy. “We are giving an insulated lunch tote to anyone having a mammogram during the month of October. We have been selling breast cancer awareness shirts with all proceeds going to our mammography fund to provide mammograms for the uninsured, We have partnered with out radiologists and primary care physicians to offer up to 30 free screening mammograms for individuals without insurance. Later this month Chick-Fil-A will have several promotions going on with proceeds coming to our mammography fund as well,” said Morris. Kaye Utley, head of the Radiology Group, believes “Get Your Pink On” is just one of the ways to raise awareness about breast cancer and give women extra incentive to have their yearly mammograms. “It’s so important to catch breast cancer early,” said Utley. “Especially women over 40, they should be having a mammogram done once a year.” Utley noted that most insurance companies will cover one mammogram per year, but each person must ask their insurance agency the specifics of their plan. Several doctors in Morgan County have been given five free mammograms to give away to women without insurance. Those doctors are: Dr. Edwardo Cossio, Dr. Miguel Cossio, Dr. David Fletcher, Dr. Pamela Hall, Dr. Dan Zant, and Dr. Roseanne Weaver. “It’s a way to make sure more uninsured women get a mammogram,” said Utley. “It could save their lives.” “MMH will again offer free mammograms for up to 30 individuals without insurance during the month of October.  We have partnered with our local radiologists to ensure that the reading services are offered at no charge as well.  A physician’s order is required for all mammograms at MMH.  Individuals interested in obtaining a free mammogram should contact their local primary care provider,” explained Morris. Mammograms don’t come cheap. Utley estimated that one mammogram is over $200 and then there is a separate fee for the radiologist who then reads and diagnoses the charts. To schedule an appointment to have a mammogram done, contact MMH at: 706 752 2207. “Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have your mammograms and know what’s going on in your body. The most important part is catching breast cancer early,” said Utley.

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