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On October 3 a simple assault complaint was filed at a Micha Way location. According to reports, a man said he had moved out of the residence he shared with the mother of his children and had moved in with his mother because of “relationship problems.” The man said the mother attempted to talk to the woman but the woman allegedly threw a liquor bottle at the mother. The man said he went to the mother’s apartment and confronted her regarding the bottle throwing incident and she grabbed him by the hair in front of his 6-year-old daughter. The man said he forced the woman into a bedroom attempting to calm her down. The woman said the man entered the apartment, grabbed her arms and threw her onto the bed and locked the door. The woman said she attempted to leave the room and the man allegedly choked her. The woman said she then kicked the man and fled, threatening to call police. The man collected a 1-month-old child and left the residence. On October 3 a simple assault complaint was filed at an East Central Avenue location. According to reports, a man said he went to check on the welfare of his ex-girlfriend and when he entered the residence he observed that she had an electrical cord wrapped tightly around her neck and that he believed she was contemplating suicide. An officer spoke with the woman who, reports state, appeared “incoherent and confused” but she denied she was considering suicide. One hour later, reports state, an officer met the woman at the hospital. The woman said that her ex-boyfriend had come to the house and had wrapped the cord around her neck and forced her down on the bed.


On October 2 a damage to vehicle complaint was field at a Hancock Street location. According to reports, a woman said someone had scratched the driver’s side door of her 1999 Mercedes with a key. Officers were reviewing courthouse surveillance video to attempt to determine a suspect.


On October 4 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Penor Street location. According to reports, a 38-year-old man reported that a man known to him had entered his residence through a window and struck him about the face and pushed him down. An officer noted that the complainant had a large gash on his forehead and appeared to have been struck. Officers located the suspect who said that the fight was mutual. Initially neither man wanted to press charges but later that day the original complainant came to the police department and requested a pre-warrant hearing on the matter.


earing on the matter. On October 1 a damage to property complaint was filed at a Hodges Avenue location. According to reports, a man said someone had punctured the two rear tires of his GMC 1500 pickup truck.


On October 1 Victor Quinton Tiller, 21, Buckhead, was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, Tiller allegedly attempted to take a Logic Wireless speaker ($39.88) and a five pack of blank CD’s ($4.97) from Wal Mart, Eatonton Road, without paying for the items. An employee at Wal Mart allegedly that he observed Tiller take the items into a bathroom and then unpackage the items and place them in his pockets.


On Chelsea Marie Esslinger, 35, Madison was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, a Wal Mart employee alleged that Esslinger was placing items in a bag at the self checkout section but was not paying for the items. Reports state that $231 worth of items were placed in two shopping carts.


On September 21 a harassing communication complaint was filed at Wal Mart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a female employee said a man known to her approached her in the infant section and asked “where is the lady who works with the cut mark on her face.” The complainant said she told the man she did not know and the man said “I’ll cut your face up like that.” The man also made a disparaging racial generalization regarding the woman’s haircut and left the store. The woman told management who said the man would be banned from all Wal Mart stores.


On September 1 Nasive Omar Black, 34, Conyers; Anthony Hines, Jr. 30, Covington and Derek Shawn Fears, 21, Covington, were all arrested and charged with larceny and criminal trespass. According to reports, the three were charged with theft of fuel from Flash Foods convenience store, Eatonton Road. Reports allege that the three suspects damaged a fuel reader on a gas pump on several occasions while pumping gas, disabling the pumps ability to gauge how much fuel had gone through the line.


On October 3 a larceny complaint was filed at a Plum Street location. According to reports, a woman said that someone had removed a lock on her storage unit and had gone through the unit. The woman said there was so much stored at the unit that she did not initially know if something had been stolen.

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