Brownwood News: A Christian bears a cross

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Ward Sept. 2012 WEB

Margie Ward, Columnist

On Sunday morning attendance was good for worship service, we missed our regular members that were out today hoping they will be back soon, we were blessed by having several of our oder members back that had been out for a while.

Our visitors continue to bless us with their presence each week, we welcome all of them to come as God leads us and we pray they will always be blessed as they worship with us. Special music today was “In the Garden” by ronald Atkinson. Our guest speaker today was reverend Jack Segars, he brought the message “Getting Ready for Quitting Time” Luke 21:25-33. In these verses Jesus is speaking of the future.

Quitting time means end times in rapture takes place, we should be ready preparing our hearts and lives before quitting time, it’s frightening what’s happening on this earth today, we are living in scary times. We don’t know when quitting time is coming, but it is coming, we need to get ready and stay ready.Jesus may come today or it may be years, we don’t know, no one knows, but we do know He is coming. Remember He holds the future. Sunday at 6 p.m., attendance was good with members and visitors.

Guest speaker Tev. Jack Segars message was “Rejoining” Luke 15:8-10. When one sinner repents the angels rejoice because there is joy in the presence of God, it is pssible to repent, God can clean a person up, God can and willchange anyone/ Jesus knows sin is serious, sin comes from the heart, we’re all like the lamb that wondered off and the angels rejoiced when it was found, forgiveness is what God’s all about, there is a price to sin, He will welcome you home. Without repentance there’s no rejoicing.

God forgives, forgets and restores. Next Sunday, October 19 at 6 p.m., Brownwood will have reeler quarterly conference, all members need to be present. On Saturday, October 11, the women’s Ministry met at the garden of Barbara Sims.

It was a beautiful day, we enjoyed the food, fellowship, scenery, program and learning to make ornaments. those attending were Elaine McClure, Brenda McAdams, Janice Jenkins, Julie Simpson, Ashley Rhoades, Barbara Sims, Judy Lurey, Denise Cardell, Maya Simpson, Ellen Austin, Janice Cornice, Adalyn Rhoades, Ann Harris and Olivia Simpson. On Thursday afternoon Margie Ward visited with the family and friends of Mary Ellen Vaughn at A.E. Carter Funeral Home.

Our Christian sympathy goes out to her family during this time. Margie Ward visited Ann Ward at Morgan Memorial TCU on Sunday afternoon. Carol Ward and Margie Ward were among those attending the graveside service for Rufus Ward, 89, of Eatonton On Sunday afternoon at Prior Cemetery at Apalachee.

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