MCHS Dugout Club hosts baseball season kick-off event

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By Jamison Hooks, Staff Writer

The Morgan County High School (MCHS) Dugout Club held a preliminary meeting to kick off the 2014-2015 baseball season. Dugout Club President Lynn Kirkpatrick introduced Jerry McCullough as the new baseball Coach for the Diamond Dogs.

Coach McCullough, an AP science instructor at MCHS is coming out of his coaching retirement in order to once again take the reins of Bulldog Baseball. Unlike previous seasons where the high school fielded a C team, consisting mostly of 8th graders, Coach McCullough emphasized the fact that the high school will only field a JV and Varsity team this year.

This underscores the competitive nature of this year’s program. Coach McCullough indicated that roughly 60 students have expressed interest in participating in off-season workouts with the intention of trying out for the team in mid January.

This season shapes up to be one of the most competitive in recent MCHS baseball history. Although the season won’t begin until February, Coach McCullough is implementing a college style three phase training program for prospective players.

Phase 1 from mid September through October will consist of off-season stretching and core work.

Phase 2 from October to November will consist of power-lifting, flexibility, and more core work.

Phase 3 from November through tryouts in mid January concentrates on stretching, plus stability training, explosiveness and quickness.

In addition, phase 3 will stress actual baseball activities such as pitching and hitting sessions as well as fielding drills. After Coach McCullough’s comments, the dugout club discussed the budget and fundraising for the coming year.

Parents were enthused and excited to have Coach McCullough come out of retirement to guide, mentor, and teach their young athletes.

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