Buckhead Council struggles with speed bump initiative

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By Zachary Parker staff writer

Buckhead Mayor Ricky Walker asked the City Council Monday to reconsider last month’s decision to place speed bumps on Buckhead Road, to instead go talk to people and see if they really want them or not. “I think that there may be as many people against it as for it, maybe even more,” said Mayor Walker. The council, however, did not budge on their position due to outspoken public remarks in favor of the placement of speed bumps at Monday’s meeting. “We’ve got more traffic in Buckhead than we’ve ever had,” said Tim Saye during the meeting, “and half of them are flying through.” There were no community members in attendance who were opposed to the speed bumps, though Mayer Walker said that he had heard from many. Those who did speak out on their opinion of the speed bumps argued that they are needed for public safety. “They could live with the speed bump, because it could end up saving somebody’s life,” said Teresa Gwinn. Some questions of liability in the case of accidents related to the speed bumps came up, as well as how the bumps themselves would hold up to traffic, especially from 18-wheelers on Buckhead Road. These questions are being looked into. In the end, the Mayor and the council decided to continue the process of placing the speed bumps that has already been started. “I’m not a fan of speed bumps,” said City Clerk Cheryl Saffold in the meeting, “but I’d hate to know that something bad happened to somebody because it wasn’t there.” Even though they are continuing the process, Mayor Walker expressed doubts that the speed bumps would actually slow anyone down on Buckhead Road.

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