Godfrey barbecue set for November 8

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Rachel Harper, columnist

Thank you to everyone who told me you missed the column last week.  I come down with vertigo from time to time and last weekend, it reared its ugly head and put me out of commission for a while.  It ranks up there with some of the worst sickness you can have, but thank goodness, I do know what to do for it, but it still takes a while for it to leave and for you to get back to feeling normal again.  I was having regular bouts of it when I was working up at East Athens Physical Therapy and Jim Mike, my boss, told me about a physical therapist who specialized in vertigo over at the outpatient division of Athens Regional Hospital.  Her name is Sally Dallas, and I think God everyday for her and for Jim Mike in telling me about her. She gave me my life back.   You hear all your life that you have rocks in your head…well, you really do.  There are little crystals called canaliths in your inner ear that get “off the shelf” and cause dizziness, which is benign positional vertigo.   She taught me head maneuvering exercises to do with your head hanging off the end of the bed to put your crystals back in their proper place.  It sounds and looks like “voo-doo”, but trust me it works.  We want to send out get-well wishes to Matt Wilson as he had knee surgery this past week.  We hope he has a quick recovery from this.  Mr. Billy Brewer from over at Godfrey spent a day or so in the hospital in Athens, but is now at home.  We hope you are feeling a lot better, Billy.  Lynn Hanson’s sister, Sarah Mills, of Alabama is also experiencing some health problems.  Mrs. Thelma Moon of Godfrey and Mrs. Carolyn Maddox in Maddox need our prayers also.   Our sympathy is extended to the family of Wendell Hettrick as he passed away on this past Saturday morning at his home in Athens after a short illness.  Wendell and Marinell, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stewart lived here in the Fairview community and attended Bethany Baptist Church for many years before they moved to Athens in 1976.  Services are to be held in Athens on Tuesday and burial will be at the Bethany cemetery.  We also want to send our sympathy out to the Tamplin family in the death of Mrs. Christine Tamplin last week.  She was a sweet, sweet, woman who really enjoyed life and being with the ones she loved.  She had had a lot of sadness in her life with the tragic death of two of her boys, Bobby and Charles, and then with the death of her husband, Mr. E.L.  We never understand any of those things when they happen.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family. Maggie Lamb was honored at a baby shower on Saturday morning at the lovely home of her mother-in-law, Debbie Lamb.  Her sister-in-law, Megan Norton, also helped host the occasion.  Guests were served a delicious brunch of breakfast casseroles, assorted muffins, and fruit.  She received many nice and useful things for she and Steve’s little boy which is due in January.  A little over 40 members of the Cronic family had a wonderful reunion on Saturday at the Bethany Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.  Marty Wilson and Gerald Cathey BBQ’d one of Marty’s pigs, and Dan and Sally Porter made a big pot of Brunswick stew which which was absolutely delicious.  Along with all of the wonderful side dishes and desserts, we had quite a spread.  Mrs. Frances Brewer, the oldest living  sister, who is 96, was able to come as well as Blanche Wilson, the youngest of the sisters are the only siblings left of the 9 children of Bunie and Hilary Cronic.  A wonderful day was had by all attending. We all want to send out a big congratulations to the MCHS Marching Band as they received 1st place in the Greater Atlanta Marching Festival this past weekend.  They were up against a lot of big bands so this is quite an honor.  Our own McCayla Cook, daughter of Patrick and Deann Cook is a member of the band.  Michaelah Porter, the granddaughter of Dan and Sally Porter has been chosen to be on the All District Second Team of Soccer in Tennessee.  Michaela is the daughter of Jim and Kathy Porter of Russellville, TN.  Congratulations, Michaela!  The Fairview Club met on this past Wednesday at the lovely home of Mrs. Pat Stinchcomb on the Eatonton Hwy.  Mickey Gazaway, a horticulturist with Pike Nurseries, was our speaker.  We all really enjoyed her!  She said that the problem with many of us who don’t think we can grow pretty flowers is that we probably have them in the wrong place.  She gave us many tips and ideas for plants for the winter garden.  Afterward, we all enjoyed delicious refreshments Pat had prepared.  We will not meet in November, but are planning on having a Christmas lunch and get-together to include our spouses in December at Sally and Tony Stephens home.  Sandra Brown and Laurie Lewis attended a birthday party for Richie Davis’ granddaughter, Rossa on last Saturday up at Monroe.  Rossa turned 4 years old and everyone enjoyed hotdogs, hamburgers, all the trimmings and birthday cake and ice cream.  John, Jase, and Davis Maddox, along with Emmie Maddox, Brownie Wilson and Steve Lamb all traveled down to Moultrie on last Tuesday to attend the Georgia Ag Expo show.  Dan and Scott Porter also attended the Expo on one day last week.  Marty and Connie Wilson along with Jimmy and Connie Cunningham have recently returned from a few days of vacation touring the Virginia area of Williamsburg which included Monticello, Mount Vernon, and the Shenandoah Valley.  Larry and Maxine Bruce have also returned from a trip to the Pennsylvania area where they visited their daughter and son-in-law, Greta and Joey Partain.  Maxine reports they saw lots of green corn growing, soybeans and pumpkins everywhere.  They visited Allentown, Bethlehem, Philadelphia and Hershey Pa.  Larry especially enjoyed attended one the largest old car shows in the nation while there, which is one of his loves.  John and Sally Hensley spent a few days down at Tybee Island last week where they got some R & R as well as doing some deputation work for the SOLM.  The Chad Roling’s also vacationed down at Tybee and they all enjoyed some family time while there.  Nancy Mitchell and Mary Ellen Shannon visited with Mrs. Frances Brewer on last Friday and surprised her by bringing lunch to share with her which she enjoyed.  Some ladies from the SOLM as well as Rebekah Philippi have also visited with her recently.  Mary and Frank Eaton along with the other Bearden children, Joyce Bearden, Jim and Carrie Bearden and Guy and Elizabeth Thurmond met up at the Blue Willow Restaurant recently for a family get-together.  Guy and Elizabeth have recently returned from a Bavarian vacation where they visited Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.  Everyone mark their calendars for the Godfrey BBQ on Nov. 8th at the Godfrey park.  Serving times are from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the plates will be $9.00.

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