I thank God for His gift of friendship

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Betty Moore, Columnist

Everybody that knew Michael Walters was so shocked when they learned of his sudden death. I did not personally know him, but knew his twin brother. His brother Mark, was married to the daughter of the daughter of the late Beverly Sigman, who was a very good friend of mine. Beverly Sigman had been a friend of mine for thirty five or more years. I was so sorry to learn of his death. I send my most sincere sympathy to the Walters family. Jay and Hunter Moon went to the Dairy Show at the Morgan County Fair and placed. Buddy and Jean Phillips went on a ten day trip to Vermont and New Hampshire. They went to Walpole, New Hampshire to visit his daughter. The leaves were pretty up there. They were very pretty in Pennsylvania too. Jean Phillips’ two nephews from Florida came to visit them so they could deer hunt. Crystal Smith has a birthday on October 28, Ross Dube has a birthday on October 23. I hope that both of you have a very happy and wonderful birthday! Edne Smith told me that had her husband, Russey, been living, they would have had an anniversary of sixty-six years on October 22. I’m so sorry that she lost her husband back then. We had company today. It was a man named Scott, from Atlanta. About three or four years ago, there was an ad in the “Market Bulletin,” a farmers magazine. The ad stated that this man wanted hunting rights in exchange for some carpentry work. I called, telling him that we had no work like that then. We had some old tin on our fallen chicken house that we would like to have taken off. He came down in the cold weather and worked, taking tin off. He stated that he could sell some of it in Atlanta. We told him that would be fine. Instead of waiting to give us the money, he pulled the money from his pocket. He paid in advance giving $12 a sheet for the old tin. Some few days later he was back again. He told us who bough the tin and someone else wanted some. He took the tin off. It brought in a good amount. And who is it that doesn’t have the need in some place for for some extra money? I thank God for it! While he was moving the tin, we became good friends. His brothers came to hunt. Some friend came to hunt. He brought his wife, his son and daughter. The son killed one another year. This past year, his thirteen year old daughter got one. Nobody else in the family killed a deer last year. She showed the pictures of the deer at school. I believe that it was the Roswell City High School. (I don’t know for sure). He comes down to take us out to eat. He brought a huge casserole once. One year for Christmas, he brought his helper down to cut grass and bushes while he worked on the house. He took the screens and storm windows out to be cleaned. They were sparkling. Who wouldn’t want a Christmas gift like that? He didn’t want pay for it. We knew nothing about his plan to clean the windows or the yard work. He is so nice, and caring toward us. What a wonderful surprise all of that was! It’s almost like having a son! At any rate, when we saw his ad we had no idea what kind of person that he would be. But God knew, so He sent a wonderful man and his family to minister to us and I thank God for His gift of friendship that He sent!

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