Sheila the Great performance at Cultural Center

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Jamison Hooks Staff Writer

The Madison Morgan Cultural Center (MMCC) partnered with ArtsPower to bring the comedic writing of Judy Blume to Morgan County with a performance of “Sheila the Great”. Morgan County second and third graders enjoyed the show along with other students from Social Circle, the Gatewood School and home school groups. “The show was great! Students were laughing and there was a lot of energy in the audience,” said MMCC Performance Director Rebecca Bonas. Students arrived at the MMCC on Thursday October 16 where performers brought the legendary “Sheila the Great” and her childhood challenges to life. The storyline is an inspiring one for young children who are faced with overcoming their fears. For Sheila, those fears include swimming and her neighbor’s dog. By the end of the play, Sheila has overcome her fears and truly becomes Sheila the Great. Performers Mikey Phillips and Bryce Edward Walsh are on the road with ArtsPower taking “Sheila the Great” across the country. “This is our 15th show out of 85. We travel everywhere from Florida to Alaska” said Walsh who plays the roles of Marty the Lifeguard and Mr. Tubman. Mikey Phillips who plays both the roles of Mouse and Libby was very pleased with the performance at the MMCC “We had a good crowd today, we had immediate interaction with them which is always fun,” said Phillips. “Usually you would have to go to Athens to see a show like this so it was great to bring this performance to Morgan County,” said Bonas. “Sheila the Great” was the first performance of this year’s student series at the MMCC. This series will also include performances of “The Lightning Thief”, “Curious George”, and “My Heart in a Suitcase.” Each performance takes place in the MMCC Auditorium and costs $5.00. For more information or to order tickets, contact Rebecca Bonas at (706) 342-4743 ext.23.

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