Beautiful fall days in Morgan County

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A beautiful fall day here in Morgan County. In some areas the trees are losing their leaves other trees are coated in beautiful colors. This is a beautiful time of the year when God gets out his paint brush and does Hi magic. Service was good on Sunday as Butch took his message from Nehemiah 2: 11-20 he discussed Advancing the Gospel telling the congregation that it is necessary that we spread the gospel. Meditate on God’s Word. God wanted each of us to know Him and obey His commandments. Nehemiah loved God’s people and he prayed for them. Live your life everyday and advance the gospel. Saturday was the perfect day for our Fall Festival. Temperatures were just right and with a good crowd, kids and adults both seemed to enjoy it. Thanks to everyone that made this one successful. Thank you to those that donated their time and to those that purchased our home made cakes And kept our Jailer’s busy. I didn’t get myself in jail this time LOL. But so many did and had fun. Down at Oakley’s Gospel Music Barn this Saturday, November 1st, Gwen Viningand The Lord’s Messengers will be entertaining. Come at 6 p.m. to eat, then at 7 the gospel music begins on Harmony Road. We missed Ruby and Eddie Stewart on Saturday but they were doing some partying. The family had a surprise birthday party for one of the sisters that turned 29 again. I heard she was really surprised. We recently visited with Wayne and JoAnn Hix. He always loads me up with his latest poems. It seems he writes 5 or 6 every week. They were expecting their daughter Debbie and her family down from South Carolina. Bonnie Gardner had a great week end celebrating grand kids birthdays in Cobb County. We missed you Bonnie but know you enjoy being with your family. Glad to report that Millie Henson is home and gaining her strength daily. Mike Walker seems to be doing well with his hip replacement. Martha Dooley has been suffering with some crud that’s going around. As well as all our other sick, let’s pray for them and for each other. Our LIFT, “Ladies in Faith Together” will be meeting next Monday night. We have a lot coming up we need to discuss. Have you noticed the new church sign? It is partially erected, hopefully finished installing this week. And don’t forget to set your clock back on Saturday night before you go to bed. It’s that time of year again. November birthdays are here. Happy birthday to Caleb Bell and Jerry Vanwhy on the 2nd, Wendy Patterson on the 5th. Anniversary blessings for Butch and Cindy Jackson and to our friends, Cy and Ruth Easters on the 1st. The ABC Auction at Crawfordville is still going on each Saturday night at 6:00. They will soon be auctioning nice Christmas gifts. Not much going on, no special news. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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