Golden Ghoul Awards exceed fundraising goal

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Managing Editor


Christie Hudson and Isabel pose for a picture edit

Photo By: Jack Meyer

The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art’s (STMA) Poster Parody Contest, which culminated with the Golden Ghoul Awards on Oct. 25, raked in a whopping $7,448, exceeding the organizers’ goal of $6500. The full total raised has not been calculated yet, but STMA Director Karen Strelecki estimated the funds to be around $10,000 total. About 85 people attended the Golden Ghoul Awards, which featured food, live music, costumes, and the chance to mingle with the “stars” that recreated this year’s line of iconic movie poster parodies. “We definitely achieved the “haunted theater” look we were going for including everybody who came in costume and played their parts to the hilt,” said Strelecki. “Many of our guests commented that it was the most creative and entertaining event they had ever attended.” After the votes were tallied, Young Frankenstein was announced as the winner of the Poster Parody Contest. The poster starred Allie and Paul Bourgeois, Erin & John Garrett, and Rob Hanselman. The second place winner was Vamp, starring Solveig Harden. STMA unveiled the posters for the first time at a red-carpet event at Ricky D’s at the beginning of the month and the votes poured in ever since. “We were very excited about the look, feel, and atmosphere created by all the fabulous component parts of the event: amazing decor by Claudia Davis, outstanding entertainment by Rogers Entertainment (owner and dee jay Ernest Rogers), delicious food by The Caboose (owners Molly Lesnikowski and Ed Hogan), beguiling performances by the Ga College Shakespearian Circle, excellent photography by Greg Strelecki Photography,” said Strelecki. According to Strelecki, funds from the Golden Ghoul Awards will be used for the museum’s Arts Outreach programs to add “innovative components, and intriguing activities for the community.” Strelecki noted that new exhibitions of Steffen Thomas and Lake Oconee Academy are coming in the Holiday Season that will feature “new and live interactive art opportunities for the whole family.”

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