Let’s not forget the time change on November 2

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Let’s not forget the time change on November 2. It won’t affect us. We get up when we want to unless we have an appointment that’s early. John and Gail Wade spent a few days in the mountains. The Buckhead Baptist Church will have a men’s breakfast Sunday at 7:30 a.m. Edna Smith went to Eatonton Sunday to see Beatrice Smith and Linda. Beatrice is doing very well to be 98 years old. The Buckhead Baptist Church had a fall festival Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. They had a great time. The Carolina Boys quartet will be at Buckhead Baptist Church November 8 at 7 p.m. Please come to hear them Charles Jr. “Snip” White from Hartwell and Marshall White from Canada visited Frieda White. Dennis and Julie Godbee and his brother and his wife were on a trip to Shenandoah Valley and other places. The people at the Buckhead Baptist Church are happy over their new porch and steps and the walkways. It looks very nice. The Sugar Creek Marina recently had a CNR fishing tournament. The Buckhead Baptist Church had a revival. It was October 19 – 22. Rev. Jimmy Long was the minister from Grace Fellowship Church of Greensboro. Here we are at Halloween. I recall a time many years ago an event that came about. My neighbor Bob and I were about the same age. We played together. He thought that it would be fun to scare my two nephews when they were at our house on Halloween. He got a white sheet to put in a tall tree near the street. He was to hang that sheet and when we came by he would be making ghostly sounds. Then he would jump out. Poor boys! They started to run back to our house. Then Bob laughed and they knew who it was. His costume didn’t frighten them once they heard his laughter. I hope that it didn’t cause some trauma in the boys’ lives when they grew up because they were very, very frightened! Bob and I were friends and playmates. But some children that played together were even at 10 years old might think that they liked each other as young boy friend and girl friend, even at that age. I didn’t nor did he. I considered him as another person that I was friends with. There were other tricks that we pulled but probably not one as scary as the Halloween one. But that one could have lead to him being hurt from the jump from the limb, which was a little high. To all that dress up be careful so as to not get hurt. And have a good a good night of Halloween.

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