Snow babies are making their grand appearance

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Do you remember back in February when we had the ice storm and then Valentine’s was right in there with it, too?  Well, here we are 9 months from then and can you guess what is happening now??  All of those snow babies are making their grand appearance into the world and they are making it big time!  According to Hope Delaigle, a labor and delivery nurse at St. Mary’s in Athens, they are worked to death and delivering babies one after the other!  There was even an article wrote up in The Athens Banner Herald yesterday about it.  They say it never fails; if there is a big power outage, snow or ice storms, those nurses go right to the calendar and mark those dates.  I bet they are all praying for a mild winter this year!  We want to send our sympathy to several people in our community whose families were touched by grief recently.  Michael Walters, a resident of Buckhead, passed away very unexpectedly last week.  Michael was a twin to his brother, Mark Walters, and everyone has said over and over what a nice person he was and that he always had a smile for you.  Michael was a brother to my classmate, Richard Walters and they also had a another set of twins in the family, Donna and Diane, as well as another brother, Lasch.  Their mother had her hands full, didn’t she?!  We also send out our thoughts and prayers to the family of Bill Vaughters who also passed away after battling PSP, a neurogenerative disease that he suffered with.  He was a classmate to my husband, Bruce, and was married to the former Beryl Gilbert.  A wonderful and touching memorial service was held, upon his request, at Bonner’s Restaurant on Saturday.  After the service, everyone was invited to stay for a BBQ lunch.  These two men will be greatly missed.  On a lighter note, we want to congratulate, Alex Trice and Shelby Moss, who were married in a very sweet ceremony on this past Sunday at Grace Bible Church in Buckhead.  After the regular church service, everyone just stayed put and the wedding ceremony began.  Alex is the son of Todd and Donna Trice, and the grandson of the Larry Bruce’s and Mrs. Laurice Trice of the Fairview community.  He is stationed in South Carolina with the Marines and he and Shelby will make their home there.  Shelby is the daughter of Sam Moss and LeAnn Moss.  After the ceremony, a reception was held at the church for the couple.  Many friends and family were present for this joyous occasion.  We all wish God’s blessings upon them as they begin their married life together.  Greta Partain of Pennsylvania is here visiting her parents, Larry and Maxine Bruce and other family members for a few days.  She drove down in order to be here for the wedding of Alex and Shelby.  Jessica Bruce of Atlanta was also able to come for the wedding on Sunday.  Jan Moorhead a former member of the Bethany community who now lives in Harmony Crossings in Eatonton had several good visits this past week with the Jake Wilson’s, Evelyn Bone, and Aubrey and Thelma Moon.  Katelyn Messer has recently returned from a wonderful trip to Cozumel, Mexico, the Grand Caymans, and Jamaica.  Katelyn joined her friend, Dustin Mines, and his family for the marriage of Dustin’s father, Keith Mines to Julia Harvey.  They all had a wonderful trip for this destination wedding.  Janice and Chuck Philippi have returned from a visit with Chuck parents in Florida.  While there, Chuck had his other knee operated on, but he is recuperating well. Sarah Nell Craig, Rebekah Philippi, and Sarah Nell’s daughters, Stephanie Kenny of Acworth and Stacy Loudermelk of Raleigh, NC. all rode their bikes in the Tour De Pink in Alpharetta this past Saturday.  They clocked in 65 miles, but they all made it in good shape and good time!  Good for them! Bob and Brenda Rice attended the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame in Atlanta on Saturday evening where Brenda’s father, Slim Williamson, was inducted.  Although he came from a poor background and little formal education, he had big dreams and he worked hard to have a successful career in the radio and country music business.  Congratulations to the family! Sally and Tony Stephens attended a surprise 80th birthday celebration for Mrs. Grace Healy at the St. James Catholic Church on this past Saturday afternoon.  Happy Birthday, Grace, and many more!  Gloria and William Crew had all of their children and grandchildren for Sunday lunch this past Sunday.  Joan and Raymond Gilbert enjoyed having their son, Don, and his son, Clay come up this past Thursday to help out with some chores around the farm and homestead.  Jack and Karen Lindsey enjoyed going to the Classic Center in Athens on this past Sunday afternoon where Bill Cosby was putting on a show.  They thoroughly enjoyed it!  Jack and Karen also celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary this past week.  Happy Anniversary!  Rocky and Jeanne Acord were the hosts at their home this past Saturday evening for their annual fall Halloween party.  Around 40 guests were present where the theme this year was “Clue,” taken from the board game.  All the guests came dressed as a character from the game–Mrs. White, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs. Scarlett, to name a few.  They played a game where they went all over the house searching for clues as to “who did it, what exactly did they do, and in what room did they do it?”  Afterward they all carved pumpkins, had a nice meal, also had a bonfire where they roasted marshmallows, etc.  Their yard and house were decorated to the max for Halloween.  Adam Carter had even let them borrow a hearse in which Jeanne had skeletons sitting in the front seat and driving!  They went all out!  All of their friends and family look forward to this annual event!

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