Christmas is just around the corner

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Do you realize that time is creeping upon us? Christmas is just around the corner from Thanksgiving. Time does fly along with all the leaves that have turned loose with all the wind we’ve had the last few days. We’ve already had a taste of the cold weather to come. I for one, do not like the cold-cold weather. I guess God wants us to have a good taste of all four seasons. So many are sick. There are several out with some sort of stuff going around early. I guess it hurts us older ones more so than the younger ones that seem to throw off germs, etc, better than us old folks. Try to stay well. Don’t go into crowds where germs are generated in all directions. We had a really good message on Sunday with Butch taking his scripture from Galatians 5: 16-26, he gave it the title “Living by the Spirit”. You ever thought about that?  How close we live to the Spirit, how that Spirit can control how we live if we let it.  By the power of the Holy Spirit obedience can conquer the spirit of the flesh. We reflect on this daily and should always walk in the Spirit. Listen closely and hear the Word of God. It was good to have most of our vacationers back with us on Sunday. The crowd was fairly good and we are sorry for all the sickness. Rusty and Kim Johnson are both sick. Little Noah Martin dumped his sickness in church and had to be taken home. I hate to see the little ones so sick. I haven’t heard from Martha and Bennie Dooley but I hope they are better. My own prayer list is so long, and I am always afraid I’ll leave someone off but please always remember Jessie and Lou,  Mr. O.L.,  Charles and Eleanor, Betty and Mike,  Patsy, Mary, and always pray for our Nation and Military. The Bells have returned from a delightful trip to Mobile to help celebrate Caleb Bell’s 22nd birthday. They also had the privilege to attend church with Sarah and Caleb.   I wasn’t asked to announce this but everyone knows how much I love gospel music. This Saturday night the Carolina Boys Quartet from Anderson, South Carolina will be in concert at Buckhead Baptist Church at 7 p.m. I’ve  never heard this group and I for one, am really looking forward to going if it’s the good Lord’s will. Then on November 16, Sewell Methodist Church will have their annual Thanksgiving supper with special guests, The Homeland Boys. I remember the first time I  heard of these guys, we were new to this area and we went over to Newborn Old School, and these guys in gold jackets were the special guests. What great harmony. Of course  they are still having great times at the Maysville Methodist Church with Clarke Kesler on Thursday nights. Butch and Cindy Jackson celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary recently, and what did Cindy give Butch? As you know Butch’s father was Rev. Curtis Jackson. So Cindy had all these old cassette tapes of sermons of the long ago past and had them put on a DVD as a special gift for Butch. Now I think that is a gift from the heart and they will enjoy hours of memories of his beloved daddy. Most churches are already making plans for their Christmas programs. Shannon Busbee is in charge of ours so if she should ask you to participate please say yes. I can’t wait to see what she has in her mind for us. Happy birthday to Billie Jo Arnold on the 9th, Betty King on the 12th and to Butch Jackson on the 13th. Special birthday blessings for our daughter Gayle on this Saturday the 8. Today is the birthday of a childhood friend of our family. I want to wish Ebbie Scism of Sulphur, Louisiana a very special day. You’re a long way from home, son. You need to visit. Great things about getting older: Adult diapers are actually kind of convenient!!!! (PLEASE NO, NOT YET!!!!!!) So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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