Deal declares November as Parent Engagement Month

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Jamison Hooks Staff Writer

The State of Georgia is calling for parents to take a more active role in their children’s education. The Title 1, Part A Parent Engagement Program at the Georgia Department of Education is determined to encourage parent involvement in Georgia schools. Because of this, Governor Nathan Deal has declared November as “Parent Engagement Month” in the state of Georgia and Morgan County Schools are prepared to promote parent involvement. Through this initiative, the Georgia Department of Education hopes to promote the engagement of parents in academic enrichment and other school activities. “’Parent Engagement Month’ is an additional opportunity to get parents more connected with the school and the teachers that serve their child,” said Morgan County Middle School (MCMS) Principal Darrell Stephens. In order to achieve this, MCMS is working on setting goals with students and their parents at conferences where both the child and parent are present. At these conferences, academic and behavioral goals can be set. “These sessions help parents become more of an active partner in their child’s education, and helps them to also be, more engaged in what’s happening at the school,” said Stephens. At Morgan County Elementary School (MCES) a focus is being placed on mathematics and parent involvement in math homework. “We are conducting ‘Making Math Meaningful’ sessions this year for 3rd and 4th grade parents. These sessions will be spread out through the school year to provide parents with the training and assistance they need in helping their child with their math homework or studying for tests,” explained MCES Principal Ty Snyder. The Morgan County Primary School (MCPS) is also excited to recognize the involvement of parents and encourage others who are interested in volunteering. “MCPS has a large number of parent and community volunteers and mentors. We are very fortunate to live in a community that supports our school so much. However, we are always interested in adding more volunteers and mentors, said MCPS Principal Betsy Short. The goal of Parent Engagement Month is to inspire parents to get involved at their children’s school not just for the month of November, but year round.

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