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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick managing editor

Mannington Mills, the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury vinyl tile, celebrated its recent expansion of the company’s production facility in Morgan County, which will result in 200 additional jobs, with a ribbon cutting and reception on Thursday, Oct. 30. CEO Russell Grizzle announced that Mannington Mills will undergo another expansion set for completion in 2017. The company has purchased 62 acres of land for further development on Amtico Way and will start construction immediately. This second expansion will add at least another 200 jobs available in the county on top of the 200 extra jobs the first expansion will bring. According to Betsy Amoroso, director of corporate communications for Mannington Mills, both expansions will result in the facility’s footprint doubling in size and quadrupling in capacity as well as significantly increasing Mannington’s local workforce. By early 2015, 219 jobs will be added to the Madison site. with that, significantly increased Mannington’s local workforce. “This will make Mannington Mills the largest private employer in the county,” said Michael Lamar, county manager. “Mannington Mills is a great family-run business, and this is a big deal for Morgan County,” said Georgia Senator Burt Jones of the 99-year-old company. Senior Vice President Zack Zehner, a fifth-generation leader of the company, assured the crowd of the company’s nearly 100-year history in domestic manufacturing that sets them apart from competitor companies. “This is the biggest expansion in Mannington’s history,” said Zehner. “We are healthy and growing and we are going to continue to grow right here in Madison. Our commitment to domestic manufacturing allows us to control the quality of the product… and it allows us to drive jobs in our communities.” The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by all stripes of local leadership, including Fred Perriman, mayor of Madison, the Morgan County Board of Commissioners, members from the Madison City Council, and representatives from the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “It’s so wonderful to see everyone here today…to come out and join us for this celebration—to be able to look at one another and say ‘this is a job well done,’” said Natalie Jones of Mannington Mills. “But today is not just about looking back at a job well done, but the excitement of looking forward and talking about the future growth and development in Morgan County.” “We would not be able to do this without all of our valued partners, especially the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce,” added Jones. “The community could not have been better to work with.” Bob Hughes, president of the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce, expressed his hope to continue a fruitful partnership with Mannington Mills. “The cooperation between our county and city really made all the difference,” said Hughes. “This is a great community and we are going to have a great future together, said Hughes. “It has been a truly team effort between the state and local officials and our team at Mannington Mills to make this happen,” agreed Grizzle. Jennifer Nelson, of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, praised Mannington Mills for the company’s commitment to growth and development in the state of Georgia. “We could not be more excited about this project and the key jobs it will create in this part of Georgia,” said Nelson. “This is backbone of our state.” Grizzle dedicated the expansion to the return of domestic manufacturing in American and to the bright future of this local community. “To the renaissance of U.S, manufacturing and to the future of Madison and Morgan County, and the wonderful relationship we have with our customers, this is for you,” said Grizzle. “If you are not a customer of Mannington, I would simply say, give us a try, and you will be pleased.” as slow and slurred and that she had urinated herself.

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