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On November 1 a damage to property complaint was filed at a Chivers Avenue, Buckhead location after a man reported that someone had run over a light pole on his front yard. The complainant estimated it would cost $600 to repair the pole.

On November 2 a fight complaint was filed at a Weaver Jones Road, Rutledge location after a man and woman alleged that there son had attacked the father. Reports state that a deputy located the son driving a Cadillac Escalade and detained him. The son said he was attempting to retrieve a television from his parents’ house and that when his father would not let him leave with the device, the two fought. The father said he was denying the son the television to “teach him a lesson” and that when the son tried to take it, the father’s shirt was ripped and the son allegedly spat on the father. The son was issued a criminal trespass warning to stay off the property for one year but was allowed to get the television set.

On November 2 a domestic violence complaint was filed at a Mt. Zion Road, Buckhead locaton after a man reported that after an argument, his girl friend had thrown three rocks through his truck window.

rough his truck window. On November 2 Jonathon Paul Rhoades, 21, Madison was arrested and charged with battery, false imprisonment and cruelty to children, third degree. According to reports, a woman alleged that she and Rhoades engaged in an argument and during the argument she threatened to take the couple’s 15-month-old child and leave and Rhoades allegedly threw the woman into a chair, pulled her hair, choked her and bit her on the arm. The woman said she punched Rhoades in the face and left the residence with the child and Rhoades allegedly grabbed her by the arm and threw her against the side of the house. The woman said as she was leaving the residence, Rhoades allegedly threw rocks at her vehicle.

On November 1 a warrant for aggravated stalking was applied for against Robert Lee Snider, 33, an inmate at the Morgan County Detention Center. According to reports, Snider allegedly, on two occasions, called a woman and left messages from the detention center. Snider was served with a Temporary Protective Order on October 31 ordering that he have no contact with the woman. On October 29 Snider was arrested and charged with simple battery, false imprisonment and cruelty to children after he alleged grabbed a woman by the shirt during an argument and forced her into a bedroom. During the same time Snider was also  arrested and charged with having four different identification cards on his possession.

On October 31 a cruelty to animals complaint was filed at an Atlanta Highway residence after a man reported that he observed a small caliber bullet wound in the hind quarter of his cat. The man said earlier in the day he had heard two shots that sounded like they came from his neighbors. A deputy attempted to speak with the neighbors but had no success.

On October 31 Joey Lee Holt, 21, Cartersville, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. According to reports, Holt was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by deputies and deputies located a small bag of suspected marijuana in his jacket pocket. On October 31 a suspicious circumstances report was filed at a Pinetree Circle location after a woman alleged that someone had been entering her residence while she was away. The woman said she believed someone entered by removing a plane of glass in the bedroom and then replaced the plane of glass and re-caulked the window when they left.

October 29 a financial identity fraud complaint was filed at a Greensboro Road location. According to reports, a woman said she received a call from a debt recovery company regarding a Capitol One credit card. The woman said the caller demanded $1,020 owed on the card since 2004. The complainant said she had never received or used a Capitol One credit card but that she had, at one time, co-signed with her daughter for another credit card. The woman said she believes her daughter, who told her she never wants to see her again, may have used her Social Security information to secure another card.

On October 29 a burglary complaint was filed at a Creekwood Circle location. According to reports, a woman said someone had taken a brown and gold-colored jewelry box from her residence sometime in the last three weeks. The complainant said there was approximately $10,000 worth of jewelry in the box.

On October 29 a fraud complaint was filed at a East Main Street, Rutledge location after a man alleged that someone took a company check and cashed it for $383.49. The man said the check amount was identical to one he had given an employee that week.

On October 28 William Marvin Nelson, 71, Monroe, was arrested and charged with theft by taking. According to reports, Nelson allegedly picked up a purse that a student had left at the entrance of the Morgan County gym. Reports state that school officials had a video tape that showed Nelson picking up the purse, examining its contents and then taking an Apple Ipod before throwing the purse in a trash can. The purse was recovered. The theft occurred on October 1 during a volley ball game in the gym. Nelson, reports state, was a school bus driver for a Walton County sports team that day.

On October 28 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Swords Trial, Buckhead residence after a woman alleged that during an argument with her estranged husband, the husband hit her in the head. The husband alleged that the woman tore a shirt. There were no markings on either and both said they loved the other and did not want to press charges.


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