Unemployment Shrinks in Morgan County

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Managing Editor

Unemployment in Morgan County is down to 6 percent, following national trends in decreasing unemployment rates. Bob Hughes, president of the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce, elaborated on the shrinking unemployment rate in Morgan County. According to Hughes, the 6 percent unemployment rate earns Morgan County one of the lowest unemployment rates in the region, with only Oconee County having a slightly lower rate. “This is really something to be proud of,” said Hughes. Hughes explained that the 6 percent unemployment rate amounts to 562 in the county without employment. Hughes also pointed out that there are currently about 450 job postings available in Morgan County. “And that doesn’t even count the number of jobs being created in the next few years in the county,” said Hughes. Hughes noted that with Mannington Mills expanding, estimated to bring a total of 400 jobs in the next few years to the county, the Georgia Pacific expansion, and the construction of the Baxter BioScience Plant in Stanton Springs, there will be a plethora of jobs available to Morgan County Citizens. “If folks want work and have the skills, there are jobs for them,” said Hughes. “Tf they don’t have the skills, they can go through Piedmont Technical College or some of the other training opportunities starting here in the county so they can get these good paying jobs. There is a stratum of employment that covers a broad range,” said Hughes. “From hospitality to engineers and chemists, there will be much variety in the kinds of jobs available to our community. We want to have our citizens prepared with the skills they’ll need to get these jobs.” “It’s great for the area and great for the county,” said Hughes. Chairman of the BOC Andy Ainslie was pleased with Hughes’ report. “There are just so many opportunities coming into our county, it’s good to hear,” said Ainslie.

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