A lot of deer killed this season

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Everyone’s fireplaces have been  getting christened for this new season lately with all these cool mornings we have been having.  The weather people are saying we are going to get an Arctic blast the end of this week and next Sunday will be rainy and cold.  I am not looking forward to that, but the changing of the seasons is what makes the world go round!  With Veteran’s Day tomorrow (Tuesday) we are all very thankful for all the servicemen and women who have and are presently serving our country.  They and our God are the reason we can enjoy the freedoms and the lifestyles that we all do enjoy.  Many lives have been lost and many wounded in order for us to live in this wonderful country we call America.  Just last night when Mama and Daddy ate supper with us, he was recounting his service time during WWII.  Right before he left to go, his cousin, Carter Shepherd Baldwin, III, (Sonny), had gotten killed at Guadalcanal at the tender age of just 17 years old.  His death had completely devastated his family and extensive family.  Don’t you know how hard that was for his family to see him go off to war?  But Daddy said last night, that it seemed like from the very beginning that God had his hand on him and just led him down this path and that path where he was never in any danger from combat and harms way.   He said even with the boot camp, he just had it very easy and things just worked out.  I hate it that is was not that way with everyone.  Many saw the gory, gory, parts of  war which scarred them for life.  One story that Daddy has often told is how when his Navy group was in San Francisco, they were to board a ship that would take them to Australia.  After they got out to deep ocean water, almost everyone on the boat got seasick.  He said it was awful!  He said on the first day he went down to the galley where the meals were being served and the men were eating (if they could) and then they began to get sick and just throw up everywhere.  He said it was like that all over the boat; he couldn’t take it; he left his tray there and headed back up to the deck and he said he never went back down there again.  He ate one orange the entire trip which took 17 days to get to Australia.  I can’t imagine.  I told him that if he went through that he can go through anything!    But he said after they got to Australia and where there had been  a racetrack,  the Navy had turned it into a big mess hall and that is where all the cooking took place.  He said it was good food and you could eat all you wanted.  He remembers them having long loaves of homemade bread and they would let you take a knife and just cut off as much as you wanted.  He said he thinks he ate two whole loaves when he first got there!  He was glad to get some food then!  That is just one of the stories that he has!  Morgan Trice will leave on this Tuesday (Veteran’s Day) to begin her boot-camp training with the US Navy.  She will be in Chicago for 6 – 8 weeks, then leave to go to Pensacola, FL for an additional 9 weeks.  Our prayers go with her as she begins this journey.  Her brother, Alex Trice, from his Marine base in South Carolina was able to come home and see his little sister off.  We all send our deepest sympathy to the Maddox family as Mrs. Carolyn Maddox passed away on this past Thursday.  Carolyn was a true lady in the purest sense of the word.  Carolyn, John Charles, and their family of John, Frank, and Kay were dear members of the Fairview community for many, many years.  Carolyn came to Morgan County to teach Home Economics at the high school here.  Soon after,  she and John Charles met and fell in love and she became a farmer’s wife.  Carolyn was an only child and a city girl and she knew nothing about being a farmer’s wife, but she embraced it and supported her husband and raised a wonderful family who are all successful members of society today.  The Maddox family was a wonderful addition to the Fairview community and Carolyn contributed much to the Fairview club and everyone as a whole.  She was a great visitor and never came empty-handed when there was a need.  After John Charles’ untimely death, she built a house in town and let John, Sharon and their family take over the farm and home-place.  She might have lived in town, but she never forgot her Fairview people, where she continued to love and visit them from time to time.  She will be greatly missed.  We send our love to the family.  We also send our sympathy to Crew Brewer as his wife, Hilda, passed away over the weekend.  Crew was the son of Ralph Brewer and grew up here in the Bethany community.  James Melvin and Inez Brewer as well as other Brewer relatives from here and in the North Ga. mountain area attended a memorial service for her on Sunday in Conyers.  We also want to send our sympathy to the family of Mrs. Marguerite Johnson as she passed away over the weekend, also.  Marguerite was the mother of my classmate, Mike.  She had recently moved to an assisted living facility down near Dublin to be near one of her boys, but last week she took a turn for the worse.  She was a well-loved beautician here in Madison for years, as well as she and her husband, Fred, loved to entertain and even did some catering.  I am almost certain that they catered one of our class of 1970’s class reunions many years ago.  We send our sincere sympathy and prayers to all of the family at this time.  On Sunday, Sally Porter, Mary Jo Prescott, Beth Peters, and the Andy Ainslie’s attended church with their mother, Mrs. Mary Ainslie at The First United Methodist Church for her birthday.  Afterward, several of the family had lunch at Mrs. Ainslie’s home.  Happy Birthday, Mrs. Ainslie, to one of my favorite teachers!  Tonya Brewer, Mrs. Frances Brewer’s granddaughter, from Stockbridge, came and brought lunch and spent the afternoon with her down at The Lake Oconee House on last Thursday afternoon.  Sarah Nell Craig met her daughter, Stephanie Kenny, and girls of Acworth in Commerce on Saturday and then they all traveled to Charlotte, NC for Layna Loudermelk’s 6th birthday party.  It was held at a lodge which had an indoor waterpark.  All of the girls and Layna’s friends had a ball!  There have been a lot of deer killed during this deer season.  The Lindsey crew as well as Karen have all bagged one and Davis and Hunter Strange of Godfrey also each killed a nice size deer on Saturday night.  Chad Boyce took the boys hunting although he was dead tired from cooking BBQ for the Godfrey BBQ on Saturday.  The BBQ and the hunt was quite worth it, though!  The 4-H dairy quiz bowl team of Will Porter, Jay Moon, Constance Johnson, and Victoria Cagle have returned from Louisville, KY, where they competed at the National Dairy Quiz Bowl.  They didn’t win, but were satisfied with the results and the way they played.  All rounds were within 1 – 5 points which is great!  They were close and exciting rounds! Good work, team! During the weekend of Oct. 25th, the Madison Chapter #35 of the Eastern Star, of which Dale Thompson of Buckhead and Amanda Mealor are members, met for a luncheon at the Madison Chophouse Grill on that Friday.  They all enjoyed a visit from the Worthy Grand Matron, Sheryl Elrod, and the Worthy Grand Patron, Randall Markham.  Their regular meeting was at Dawson Lodge #68 in Social Circle.

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