Alleged Buckhead beat-down attempt goes bad

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By Patrick Yost editor

Five people were either arrested or cited after a dispute over credit at a Buckhead convenience store led to a man striking a man in the head with a pistol and then firing a shot. According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, David Lee Bruce, 25, Madison; Christopher Ray Vaughn, 30, Buckhead; Kristian Robare, 40, Madison and Erin Lee Brown, 39, Madison were all arrested and cited with interference with a business after they allegedly drove to the “Pit Stop” convenience store in Buckhead at 8:15 p.m. on Wednesday, November 5 to confront a store clerk and her boyfriend regarding an earlier dispute with Vaughn’s wife. According to police reports, Amanda Vaughn was at the store at 6:15 and was refused credit by clerk Erin Jordan. Vaughn and Jordan engaged in a verbal altercation that escalated and the clerk called her boyfriend John Patrick Valentine, who arrived and also engaged in a verbal altercation with Amanda Vaughn. Authorities were called to the scene and Vaughn said, reports state, that she didn’t like the way the Jordan “called her out” in front of other customers when she was told she owed the store money and could not receive any more items until the bill was paid. She also alleged that Valentine slammed her car door during the argument. Jordan told officers that she received a phone call at the store and was told that a group of people were going to be waiting for her to close the store so that they could “jump and beat them” for what had transpired earlier with Amanda Vaughn. Valentine said he noticed a black SUV filled with the four suspects drive slowly through the store parking lot earlier and he went outside and armed himself with a pistol from his truck. Valentine told deputies the SUV backed into a space near the front door and all four suspects exited the vehicle and “started threatening him, so he started backing up and pulled his gun as he told the subjects to leave, but they continued to walk toward him, still making threats,” reports state. Valentine said Robare allegedly jumped at him and he struck him in the head with the pistol. Valentine said Christopher Ray Vaughn then attempted to take his pistol and he kicked him in the groin and fired a shot into the ground. Christopher Ray Vaughn alleged Valentine’s shot came close to striking him in the leg. When deputies arrive all four suspects were outside the vehicle beside the passenger side of the SUV and the clerk and boyfriend were inside the store. The pistol was secured from the store. A deputy reported that Vaughn was holding a t-shirt to the bleeding head of Robare. Robare was treated by EMS workers and transported to Athens Regional. Christopher Ray Vaughn and Lee were transported to the Morgan County Detention Center were they were arrested and charged. Brown followed deputies to the detention center in the SUV and then she was charged. Amanda Vaughn, no age, no address given, was cited with obstruction later that evening when she allegedly drove by the store as deputies were working the crime scene and yelled something that “seemed to upset several of the people present” at the crime scene. All five persons were served with criminal trespass warnings to stay away from the convenience store property for a year, reports state.

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