Primary School principal announces resignation

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By Jamison Hooks staff writer

Dr. Betsy Short announced her resignation as Principal of Morgan County Primary School at the Morgan County School Board of Education meeting (BOE) on Monday, Nov. 10. “Tonight, the Morgan County Board of Education accepted Dr. Betsy Short’s resignation as Principal of Morgan County Primary School, effective January 1, 2015,” said Assistant Superintendent Sarah Burbach. “Dr. Short will retire after working in Morgan County for the last 12 years in order to help with the care of her husband’s mother, who is in declining health. The Board of Education expressed their gratitude for the years of dedicated service Dr. Short has provided to our students and the school system,” continued Burbach. The board announced former Principal of MCPS Dr. Wayne Myers as Interim Principal for the rest of the school year. “It’s been a pleasure to be in Morgan County. I have never worked in a small system before, but I was here for about five minutes and knew I had done the right thing. It’s been a wonderful experience and everyone here is a true friend. I just can’t imagine doing anything different,” said Short.

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