students traffic suggesttons embraced by city council

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick managing editor

More crosswalks and sidewalks may be coming to high volume areas of Madison after the city council considered a community safety project plan presented to them at their monthly work session on Monday night. Two North Georgia University students, Jeffrey Vernon and Elizabeth Greene, proposed a roadway safety plan to the Madison City Council on Monday, Nov. 10. The two suggested the additions of at least two crosswalks and additional sidewalks on Mooreland and College avenues. The two noted that these areas are regularly congested with cars, buses and pedestrians because of the close proximity of Morgan County High School, Morgan County Elementary School and the track. “We want to make these areas safer for pedestrians,” said Vernon, a former MCHS student. “Sidewalks make it safer for pedestrians and drivers.—especially at night.” Vernon remembered how he would see young students walking alongside the road where there were no sidewalks for them to walk. “I always thought that was very dangerous,’ said Vernon. Greene noted that safety projects like this can often be partially funded through state grants, with the local city and county governments funding the rest. “This is part of a community safety project assigned at school, but I have a real passion for this,” said Verner. City Manager David Nunn supported the students’ proposal. “The intermingling of pedestrians, buses and cars like that it’s dangerous,” said Nunn. “The city, over the years, during my tenor with the city, has extended sidewalks. We have had more requests for bits and pieces that we haven’t gotten connected yet, and we need to continue in this.” “We can learn something from the ideas of these students,” said Nunn. “I certainly think we can get this in our program and make a difference of how this works.”

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