The light shines in the darkness

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Sunday morning the attendance was good for worship service; glad to have members back that have been out for a while. We welcome the visitors that come as God leads to be with us. We pray they are blessed and will have a better week because of visiting with us and will come again soon. All veterans worshipping with us were recognized. We salute and honor all veterans for the service they have performed over the y ears keeping us free. Thank you all. Special music, “I will Praise you in this Valley,” by Peggy Harper. Our guest speaker was Rev. Matt Goodman. His message was, “A Life not My Own,” Gal. 2: 20-21. Paul had an obligation because of the life he lived, to live for Christ and to proclaim Christ to all people, preaching the gospel and being not ashamed. Paul said it’s not about us but God. He is worthy to be shared, people could see the evidence in Paul’s life, knowing he was crucified with Christ. Can people see the same evidence in our lives? If t here is no evidence it’s a call to die to self and live for Christ. Are we like Paul sharing the gospel of Christ to others wherever we go? How will they hear if they’re not told? Sharing the gospel provides salvation and changes lives for all that call upon His name. Pray as you walk to share the gospel. Remember it’s not about us but Him by His grace we’re saved. Sunday night at 6 p.m. attendance was good. Special music was by Ronald Atkinson, “Reach Out to Jesus.” Rev. Matt Goodman’s message was, “How to be Greatly used by God,” Jonah 1: 1-3 and other scriptures. Jonah rebelling, running from God’s will, this is all about God of second chances and we all need second chances. Jonah was punished by God, he had an attitude; he said I’m here but send someone else. Doesn’t that sound like today? Problems in church sometimes because we rely on men rather than God. We must become a tool to be used. Jonah was picked; we didn’t pursue God He pursued us. We need to share the word of God with humble attitude, we all have different callings, not only a call on Jonah’s life, we should be able to share about Jesus all the way back to creation with others, we’re a tool in the hand of God to be used for Him and have the understanding we’re going in the name of God, have right desire, compassion in tune with the call. God is faithful when we can’t see the results of what’s happening, He can and He’s in control. Next Saturday night the Associational Senior Adult Banquet will be held at Beacon Heights Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m. Please bring covered dish. Next Sunday morning, Nov. 16 a dedication service will be held for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes at Brownwood Baptist during morning worship. After the morning service a Thanksgiving meal will be held in the Family Life Center. Peggy Harper joined her sister Pat Bland at Sapphire, North Carolina for a few days. They had some good sister time together and took in God’s creation. Margie Ward visited Ellen, James Harold and Corbin Smith Monday afternoon. And in late news Carter Brown celebrated his sixth birthday on Halloween night. There were 26 friends and family present. Melissa LeClaire spend Sunday afternoon with Christy Brown, Emma and Carter and Peggy Harper. Margie Ward visited Betty Bailey and family Wednesday afternoon. Karleigh LeClair spent Halloween weekend with her great grandmother Peggy Harper.

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