Board demands Madison member

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By Jamison Hooks staff writer

The Planning Commission is pushing for a guaranteed Madison representative on the Morgan County Planning Commision, once the commission splits in January. ThePlanning Commission members unanimously passed a motion recommennding that the mayor and city council of Madison get to appoint a member to the County Planning Commission that will form at the beginning of the new year. “That’s our recommendation to the County Commission,” stated Brian Lehman. The Planning Commission addressed a concern with the proposed text amendment to article 18 of the Morgan County zoning ordinance. The text amendment states that the city of Madison will no longer participate after December 2014. “Rutledge and Bostwick appoint their people, why not give Madison the same”? asked Joe Cardwell. “It’s been very difficult to get applications for positions, one of the reasons why the commissioners wanted to do this at large,” said Chuck Jarrell, planning director for the county. “I hate to say it but we’re going backwards. It’s a slap that you don’t have a member from the city of Madison and to spell it out like you do,” stated former Madison Mayor Bruce Gilbert when the issue was opened up for public comment. “I feel like a kid caught between two arguing adults. If the county and the city of Madison want to break up, or they can’t work out their differences, they’re putting us in a bad position,” stated planning commission member Spencer Knight. According to Senior Planner from Morgan County Planning and Development Tara Cooner, Madison would be aware of any potential developments or issues that might effect or concern the city. “The city will be notified of anything within 2,000 feet of city limits, nothings going to come before you without the opportunity to comment,” stated Cooner. After much conversation, members of the Morgan County Planning Commission made a motion. “I make a motion that mayor and city council of Madison get to appoint a member to the County Planning Commission,” stated Cardwell.

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