Demolition sought in project

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By Zach Parker staff writer

The Madison Downtown Development Authority is currently seeking tenants for the proposed redevelopment of the corner property on Burney and N. Fifth Streets. The redevelopment project is intended to create a corner store that will serve the community as a pantry with convenient groceries and even some prepared food items. The process of development currently hinges on an application filed by the City of Madison for a Federal Slum and Blight grant which will allow the city to demolish the current building on the property and build the proposed corner store. The current property has been designated as Slum and Blight, leaving only the RDF application to be approved before the city will receive the grant money. In Thursday’s meeting, the Downtown Development Authority voted to move ahead with the demolition of the current building on the property before the RDF application is approved, noting that if the application is rejected the city will not be reimbursed for the demolition, but will still have accomplished a necessary task. The DDA is planning on choosing a tenant soon in order to begin planning the final details of the corner store development. The DDA also discussed the condemnation of the Moore House on the corner of College and N. Main Streets, a project that has been in the works for almost 3 years. The house itself was left to multiple heirs when the last resident died, all of whom lived out of the state. The DDA and the City of Madison have found two of three heirs, both of whom have requested clearance of the title of the property and condemnation in order to sell the property to the city. In Thursday’s meeting, the DDA voted to recommend that the City Council move forward with the condemnation process. Finally, Saturday the 29th is “Small Business Saturday,” and the City of Madison is celebrating with a special event; Spend $29 on the 29th. When any patron spends $29 or more at any one independent downtown merchant, including stores, salons, spas, and restaurants, that person’s name will be entered into a drawing to win one of two $100 downtown Madison gift certificates. Winners of the drawing will be posted on the Main Street Madison Georgia Facebook page by Wednesday, December 3rd.

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