Hospital records second consecutive profitable month

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By Jamison Hooks staff writer

October 2014 Gross Patient Revenues for Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH) of 2.2 Million dollars equated to a net income for the month of $15,840. Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Kyle Wilkinson, presented the October Financial Report to the Morgan Memorial Hospital Authority (MMHA). “This might look boring compared to last month but anytime we have a black bottom line I’m happy, stated Wilkinson. Last month’s net income of $154,186 for September set the bar high for the coming months. Hospital administrators are pleased with October’s performance and look forward to the trend continuing. MMH experienced an increase in Gross patient revenue for in patient services of $13,000 and in increase for out patient services of $36,000 as compared to September 2014. Additionally, emergency room services decreased by $11,000 and swing bed patient services experienced a $139,000 decrease. October numbers also reflected a decrease in employee salary’s and wages of $15,000 and an increase in employee benefits of $40,000 over last month. “Obviously September was a great month, but October was good too,” said Wilkinson. The General Nursing Report revealed that the month of October was a busy one for MMH. A total of 21 patients were admitted from the Emergency Department to MMH and there were 38 Medical transfers out of the Emergency Department. MMH is preparing for the future by implementing new medical technology. Within the next two weeks, a cardiac monitor defibrillations system product is due to arrive at MMH. Additionally, MMH plans on implementing a state of the art Telemetry monitoring system in the near future.

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