MCMS competes in Redskin Rumble

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick Managing Editor

Nine wrestlers from The Morgan County Middle School (MCMS) wrestling team traveled to Social Circle on Saturday Nov. 22 to compete in the Redskin Rumble wrestling tournament of 15 schools. Overall, the team did not perform as well as Coach Mark Roper would have hoped, but two wrestlers, Donovan McElligot and Cole Howell, each won fourth place medals. Wrestlers Javier Laguin and Griffin McAllister are also standout players, said Roper. According to Roper, tournaments are a good barometer to measure what the team needs to work on. “Our goal is to win our league and to be competitive in the tournaments we enter,” said Roper. “I think our biggest area that the kids must improve on is working on finishing their matches.” Roper explained that many wrestlers tire by time they arrive at the third round, thus not performing as well as they should. “We want to get them to that third round and train them to take advantage of being there,’ said Roper. Roper believes wrestling is much more than a sport, but a way for kids to learn vital life skills. “It teaches them how to be disciplined and to work hard and to achieve goals on an individual level and as a team,” said Roper. “Ultimately I want to prepare them to take this sport into high school The MCMS wrestling team is set to have their first league match of the season on Wednesday, Dec. 3 at 4:40 pm. The team will square off against Jasper County and Georgia Military. It will be a home game. “This counts more for us,” said Roper. “We get them in tournaments to gain experience, so we can ultimately do well in the league meets….They are working very hard to be successful.” Roper hopes people will come out to support the team at future games. ‘Wrestling is a unique sport. It’s not the common sport that people come to see, but once they do come, they get hooked into it. “

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