As the saying goes – he’s a jolly good fellow

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The Buckhead Baptist Church will have their Christmas Cantata on this upcoming Sunday night at 5:30 p.m. The youth will have their program first. The cantata will follow. There will be a time of fellowship. Why not go to this wonderful time in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ? John and Gail Wade will go to Cornelia Wednesday night to have a family time of celebration of the family of the four sisters and their mates in this time of the birth of Jesus Christ. Why not make plans to attend the candlelight service on Christmas Eve at Buckhead Baptist Church? Someone told me that Harold Alford is doing well. He is to move to the new retirement home on Harmony Road. Betty Andrade had surgery on December 2. She is reported to be doing as well now as is expected. We have a great number of birthdays to report. Robin Griffith has a birthday on December 11; Lacie Smith’s birthday is December 12; Ian Brandt has a birthday on December 14; Brooklyn Smith’s birthday is December 15; Bobby Smith’s day is December 16 and Sonya Mullins’ day is December 18. We send a big happy birthday to each of you! These are all in the same family! They were a group of Christmas babies. And they are Edna Smith’s grandbabies and the late Ramsey Smith’s. There is a friend of ours that comes from Atlanta to hunt. He came on Sunday afternoon to hunt, as well as on Monday morning. He sleeps up in a shelter that we have. He sleeps on a mattress that he brought down after he and his wife got a new mattress. Last year he and his brother had two old army beds up there to sleep on. One night about midnight he was asleep. He was startled awake. Something was going on right next to him in the dark shelter. He grabbed his flashlight. There about three feet from him was a large armadillo. It was digging up the dirt in a hole. It had its eyes looking at his light. He was so shocked that he grabbed his pistol and fired it at the armadillo. It jumped up ran a few feet and flipped out. Later that night when he went back to sleep his old army cot broke down. There he was lying on a half cot. He got up and went to his brother’s cot and went to sleep. He figures that he really had a dramatic night. But the funniest thing is the way that he tells it. He’s so jolly that he laughs all the time that he tells any story. I get quite a laugh at him. As the saying goes – he’s a jolly good fellow.

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